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Next Meeting - October 14, 2015

The Ongoing Civil War

7:30PM – Eisenhart Auditorium, Rochester Museum and Science Center

Free and open to the public

Charles Sparnecht leads fascinating courses about the Civil War at RIT’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. I enjoyed his course so much that I asked Chuck to present a program for us — and he accepted my challenge of relating the Civil War to the ADK’s mission! He is very entertaining and I am excited about having him join us this month!
Current environmental and social issues — hydrofracking, carbon emissions, oil transport … to scratch an iceberg — often hearken back to a debate over states’ rights vs. national sovereignty, individual rights vs. the welfare of all, and questions on how to treat our fellow humans. It also reflects who we are and how we see ourselves — as people and as a society.

Perhaps no period in United States history has had such a profound impact on who we are — and how we recognize our land and people — than the Civil War. At our October chapter presentation, we’ll explore the Civil War era and its lasting impacts on our society.

The Civil War, which began in 1861, involved virtually all of America’s population. Towns and counties formed their own regiments such as Monroe County’s own 140th New York regiment. The conflict impacted not only the many men and as many as 200 women who saw combat, but also led to various forms of depravation for its civilian population.

It would seem that the loss of some 700,000 souls plus the destruction done to the material wealth of the nation would have resolved the issues that led to war. That has hardly been case, which may be a large part of the fascination held by many for the Civil War.

Immediately after the war ended, memories and perceptions came to the fore throughout the United States. In the South was a need to reconcile their loss with the sectional pride. The North began to memorialize the conflict as the victors.

This presentation will exhibit some of the ways that post bedlam attitudes emerged. Battlefield monuments, mostly from Gettysburg, forms of art, ways of remembering the war, and associations such as the Daughters of the Confederacy will be viewed and discussed.

Maybe we will be able to predict when the Civil War might end!      Champion: Nancy Donny

630 PM Workshop

6:30pm Workshop

On Trail Emergencies

With the Genesee Valley Nordic Ski Patrol

Want to learn how to react in emergencies that could occur while on the trail? Come to an interactive presentation and demonstration that includes both summer and winter situations. Also included, critical actions to take when dealing with a lost party member. Based on real-life situations.

Ambassadors Wanted

We’re looking for folks that would be willing to share their ADK experiences with others.

Did you know that our Chapter is frequently invited to set up a display and talk about ADK at schools, health fairs, malls, expos and other locations? While we love to participate in as many of these as possible, it often proves difficult to find volunteers in a timely manner. To solve this problem, we’ve set up a Google Group called GVC Ambassadors. We’re asking anyone who would be interested in promoting ADK-GVC to join it. NO COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED … When we get an invitation we’ll send it to the GVC Ambassadors email list. If it’s a time you are free and willing to attend, just let us know!
To sign up, just follow this link   and select ADK-GVC Ambassadors to sign up for email. 

Call for Nominations for the 2015 High Summit Honor Society

In order to succeed and survive, the Genesee Valley Chapter relies on the volunteer efforts of its members. The High Summit Honor Society (HSHS), established in 2002, recognizes members whose individual efforts have consistently exceeded all expectations in the advancement and promotion of the Chapter. 

We seek nominations of individuals for the HSHS “Class of 2015”.

Any current member of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club may nominate someone for HSHS membership. Eligible candidates must be a member (present or past) of the Chapter for a minimum of ten years. Pursuant to Chapter by-laws, election to the Class of 2015 will be made by a selection committee composed of the current elected officers of the chapter, plus a maximum of four volunteers who have been Chapter members for at least five years. 

This year, the selection committee consists of the following Chapter members:

Jack Schroeder
Nancy Donny
Annie Fogarty
Grace Fuller
Peter Collinge
Jackson Thomas
Shirley Thomas
Al Bushnell
Deni Charpentier
Donna Dinse
Bruce Tehan

Nominations forms may be obtained here or from any member of the selection committee, and must be submitted to any member of the selection committee by October 1, 2015.

Note: If you previously submitted a nomination for someone who has not been selected please feel free to update and resubmit that nomination.


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