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Call for Nominations for the 2014 High Summit Honor Society

In order to succeed and survive, the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club relies almost exclusively on the volunteer efforts of its members. The High Summit Honor Society (HSHS), established in 2002, acknowledges those members of the Chapter whose volunteer efforts over many years have consistently exceeded all expectations in the advancement and promotion of the Club. At this time, we are seeking nominations of those individuals who will be inducted into the HSHS “Class of 2014” at the September Chapter meeting.

Any current member of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club may nominate someone for HSHS membership. In order to be eligible for membership, the candidate must be a member (present or past) of the Chapter for a minimum of ten years. In accordance with the Chapter rules, election to the Class of 2014 will be made by a selection committee consisting of the current elected officers of the chapter, plus a maximum of four volunteers who have been Chapter members for at least five years and who are either a previous Chapter Chair, current or past member of the Chapter’s Executive Committee, or a member of the High Summit Honor Society.

This year, the selection committee consists of the following Chapter members:

Bruce Tehan
Jeff Patterson
Grace Fuller
Jack Schroeder
Shirley Thomas
Jackson Thomas
Nancy Donny
Donna Dinse
Deni Charpentier
Al Bushnell

Nominations forms may be obtained at or from any member of the selection committee, and must be submitted to any member of the selection committee by May 1, 2014.

Note: If you have previously submitted a nomination for someone who has not been selected please feel free to update and resubmit that nomination.

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