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EXPO 2017

20th Annual Outdoor Expo
Did you have a good time at last year's Outdoor Expo? Thought maybe you'd like to help with the planning? Here's your chance!

The planning committee is having its first meeting for the 2017 Outdoor Expo on Monday, November 14th at 6 PM. We're looking for folks who may want to join us. Come to some meetings, have dinner and check us out, no commitment necessary. If you’re interested email: or call 585-224-0912 for details and directions. Please come join us!

50th Anniversary Celebration!!!

2016Oct23-Letchworth hike

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month 

There are a few volunteer jobs within the Chapter that require not only technical expertise but, generally, a large committment of time and energy. The Geneseean Editor is one of those. Though I had to wheedle, cajole and convince, Grace Fuller agreed to take this big task on. This involved not only learning the unique setup of the editorial tools inherited from her predecessor, but also coordinating the effort of a newly-established team of Copy and Photo Editors, and shepherding a new production process. Needless to say, this took a large chunk of her time. And did I mention that she holds down, like, a regular job?
Thank you, Grace, for your good-natured committment to the success of all of us in the Genesee Valley Chapter!
Bill Lindenfelser - Chair


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