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YMWW How to Pay

YM Winter Weekend - How to Pay

Please fill out the Registration Form before visiting this page.

If you were automatically directed here for paying by Credit/Debit/PayPal, then don't forget to return to the Registration Form afterwards and hit Submit!

Includes $5.00 processing fee

Or, PayPal TRANSFER (no fee): If you would like to pay directly from a bank account using PayPal to avoid the $5.00 fee, log into and choose "Sending money to a friend," (NOT "Paying for an item or service," which charges us a fee). Please note that this option is only fee-free for you if you transfer from a bank account rather than using credit/debit. It does not have PayPal Purchase Protection, but otherwise works the same way as the button above.

1) Log in to your PayPal account (or create a free account) at

2) Click "Send and Request" at top of page.

3) Under the "Send" tab, under "Send money to:", enter the email address:

4) Enter amount due.
      ADK Members Paying BY 12/15/2018 -  $125
      ADK Members Paying AFTER 12/15/2018 - $130
      Non-Members - $140

5) Below, the amount, be sure it says "Sending to a friend" (NOT "Paying for an item or service"). If not, use the drop-down to change that to "Sending to a friend."

6) In the "Write a Note" section, write YOUR NAME(s) and "2019 YM WW"

7) Click "Continue"

8) Choose your payment method & confirm total. Remember, only transfers from a bank account are fee-free.

9) Click "Send Money Now."

Personal Checks
Payment in full is due upon registration.
Your spot will be held for 3 business days to allow for mail delivery.

ADK Members Paying BY 12/15/2018 -  $125
ADK Members Paying AFTER 12/15/2018 - $130
Non-Members - $140

Please make your check payable to: "ADK-GVC"
Write "2019 YM WW" in the For/Memo line.

Then, mail your check to:

Sue McMeekin-Davis
102 Lake Vista Court #4
Rochester, NY 14612