The Chair's Corner, 2008-2009

June 2009

Gary Dewitt, Chapter Chair

You meet ADKers in the darndest places. We met the oldest daughter's significant other's parents recently. And what do you know, they are ADKers. Not only that, but the wife is being considered for Chapter Chair of their chapter. No awkward moments during this meeting. It was more like old home week discussing camping, paddling, and places traveled. ADK is a great organization with which to share common interests with other members. One doesn't need to be of the same chapter to find that common bond.

As I finish this year as Chair of our Chapter, I have reflected back upon many memorable moments. Unfortunately, I must step down after this first term as my work responsibilities are in conflict with our EC and Chapter meeting schedule on a more regular basis. I want to thank all of you who have made this year such a rewarding experience. Although I am stepping down from being chair, I plan to stay active within the organization in a position that lends more flexibility. I encourage all of you who have been thinking about lending a hand and your expertise, to step up and find the rewards that await you in participating in this great organization.

I hope to see you on the trail or water this summer.

September 2008

Gary Dewitt, Chapter Chair

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer activities, hiking, camping, paddling and other outdoor events. The end of summer is closing in, which means Fall activities and ADK meetings are about to start. There is a great lineup of workshops and programs beginning in September with Kathryn Zimmerman and her chronicles on a thru hike of the AT. It truly amazes me what normal people can do when they focus on an event such as this.

As I take over from Deni as Chapter Chair, and Al Bushnell steps in as Vice Chair, we would like your help in maintaining the Genesee Valley Chapter as one of the best and most active chapters. Join us as leaders and co-leaders and participants in your favorite outdoor activity. Contact the Chairs of Trails, Waterways and Younger Members Committees to offer your assistance in developing outings that you would like to be involved with. Remember, you are the face of ADK.

And, our members are volunteering their time in much more than just ADK activities: helping to maintain our public parks, working with youth, providing services for the needy and elderly. And that is just the beginning of the list that could be compiled. My hat is off to this great group of individuals that call ourselves ADK members. I hope to see you all for the kick-off of the Fall season.