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May 2016

GVC Ambassador's Report

Your ambassadors represented your chapter at 2 events this month!

The first was at a concert put on by the Golden Link Folk Singing Society. We had a great afternoon listening to songs that we all knew from our younger days, singing along and answering questions about our local chapter and the ADK in general.

The second event was EMS Club Days; a 3 day event. 10 ambassadors helped out and again we visited with folks and answered questions about what the chapter does.

Don’t miss out on this, it’s a fun thing to do! We’re always looking for folks that would be willing to share their ADK experiences with others. When we get an invitation we’ll send it to the GVC Ambassadors email list. If it’s a time you are free and willing to attend, just let us know!

To sign up, just follow this link to the GVC Ambassador group and join:



Rich Sensenbach, Barbara Gorski, Shirley Thomas, Peter Collinge Photo by Jackson Thomas