2004-2005 Volunteer of the Year

By Mary Warchocki, Past Chapter Chair

One of my final duties, as outgoing Chair, is to select the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ for 2004-2005.  This award is specifically designed to recognize individuals who go above and beyond in their volunteer efforts contributing greatly to our chapter over the past year.  As many of you are aware, our Chapter is continues to flourish thanks to the abundance of volunteers who provide a great deal of time, energy and education to the Chapter and its members.  This year, however, two extraordinary individuals came to mind as consistently taking on that “extra task” and going that “extra mile” in their volunteer efforts.  I would like to recognize those two individuals: Ken Harbison and Judy Immesoete as the GVC Co-Volunteers of the Year.

Ken Harbison has served as the Workshop Coordinator for the highly successful Outdoor Expo for the past several years.  He has been an active member of the Executive Committee for the past year.  First serving as one of the GVC directors, representing our chapter’s voice at the main club level, and finally, as Interim Publicity Chair.  Ken was also an active member of the Third Annual High Summit Honor Society selection committee.  One of Ken’s most memorable and monumental contributions, however, was his coordination of the 2004 Fall Outing.  Not only was this a fun and highly successful event, but it also served as a model for other chapters when planning both the Spring 2005 and Fall 2005 Outings.  In addition to his work for the GVC, Ken is an avid hiker and outdoorsman: an active Forty-sixer, and has successfully completed both the Adirondack Quest and Fire Tower Challenges.  Thank you Ken for all of your hard work this past year!  A special thanks, as well, to Ken’s wife, Judy for all of her support and patience over the past year.

In listing the contributions by Judy Immesoete over the past year, it is almost easier (and shorter) to name what she has not done.   Judy has continued to serve as one of the GVC directors, co-chairs the Programs Committee, and has been an active member of the Chapter’s Executive Committee.  She has been a “creative influence” in the chapter. As many of you are aware, our chapter has donated a basket to annual silent auction at the Harvest Moon Madness gala.  Last year’s winner, The Genesee Valley Chapter’s basket, was coordinated, created and designed by Judy and Susan Aiello. Judy has led hikes in the Naples area, and most recently, co-led the infamous, and highly successful “Women’s Trip” for the chapter.  Perhaps one of Judy’s most monumental contributions, however, remains the Annual Chapter Loj Trip.  This event, which remains a highlight of the winter season, is organized, planned and implemented by Judy. She is a successful businesswoman and volunteers her time and efforts with several other agencies in the Rochester area as well.  Judy is an avid outdoorswoman who enjoys hiking, paddling and fishing.  Please join me in giving a special thanks to Judy!

Volunteer of the Year pictures

Judy Immesoete, Neil Woodworth, Executive Director and Counsel of the Adirondack Mountain Club,
Mary Warchocki and Ken Harbison