2008-2009 Volunteer of the Year – Donna Dinse

By Gary DeWitt, 2008-2009 Chapter Chair

One of the greatest pleasures of being Chapter Chair is being able to recognize others for their dedication to our organization. As I began the process of selecting a volunteer of the year, my thoughts were that it would be a daunting proposition because of the number of worthy members I had to select from.

As I contemplated the candidates for volunteer of the year, and looked back over the past year, one person kept standing out. Donna Dinse is not one of those individuals that stands in the spotlight at each opportunity, but always seems to be involved in many facets of club activities.

Donna is a trip leader, is involved in Outdoor Expo (currently Co-Chair), a new Director and participant in the Executive Committee, involved in the Outdoor Leadership workshop, and as I meet with the various committees during my term, seemed to show up at many committee meetings. I am sure I have missed many of the other contributions Donna has made, but we have all been touched by the efforts she has made. Donna seemed to be one of those people, if something needs to be done, is one of the first people to jump in.

It does give me great pleasure to be able to recognize Donna this year for the contributions she has made. Please, when you see Donna Dinse, help me in recognizing the contributions to our club she has made by congratulating her for her efforts.