2009-2010 Volunteer of the Year – Bob Krenzer

2009-2010 Volunteer of the Year – Bob Krenzer

By Dave Harrison, 2009-2010 Chapter Chair

As chapter chair, one of my most pleasant duties is to recognize one chapter member for his or her extraordinary volunteer effort on behalf of the chapter during the past year. While this is an enjoyable task, it's also a difficult one, since there are many people who devote a great deal of their time and effort to making Genesee Valley ADK a success. This year, it's my pleasure to name Bob Krenzer as Volunteer of the Year. Bob is our chapter treasurer, and in that capacity he has kept a tight watch on our expenditures and our assets. But he has done much more than keeping track of the money. During the past year, Bob became concerned that chapter members and prospective members might not be aware of how their dues were being used by the main club and our chapter, so he designed a series of charts, which have been displayed at meetings and in the Geneseean, showing exactly how members' dues are put to work.

But Bob's role in the chapter goes way beyond acting as its treasurer. An active outdoorsman, he has led numerous chapter outings, including backpacks, Saturday hikes, Sunday hikes, and bicycle trips. I've had the pleasure of joining Bob on a number of those outings, and have gained respect for him as a trip organizer and leader. And in case you don't already know it, Bob has a great sense of humor, which comes out on these trips. Just ask anyone who was with him this past August on our backpack in the West Canada Lake Wilderness!

A tireless worker for the chapter, Bob always seems to be there when we need help, whether it's on a highway cleanup, at Outdoor Expo, at EMS Club Days, or at some other chapter event.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Bob during the past year. ADK-GVC is a stronger chapter because of his outstanding work.

Congratulations, Bob!