Webmaster's Quick and Dirty Update Log

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What's New 2019

Feb 4 - lbt Changed Geneseean webpage to point to Feb issue.
Feb 3 - lbt updated home page an=d Monthly Mtg page with Feb, March and April topics.
Jan 1- lbt updated home page and Monthly meeting with future meeting topics.

What's New 2018

Oct 28 - Posted November Geneseean.
Oct 28 - Posted November chapter meeting information.
Sept 26 - Posted October Geneseean.
Sept 26 - Posted October chapter meeting information.
Sept 26 - Posted November Monthly mtg info.
Sept 10 updated Winter LOJ page with 2019 info
August 31 - Posted September Geneseean.
August 31 - Posted September chapter meeting information.
July 28 - added Jeremy to YM chair on EC committee page
May 23 - Posted June Geneseean.
May 24 - Posted June chapter meeting information.May 3 - Added May and June chapter meeting information.
Apr 26 - changed Geneseean from apr2018 to May2018. Posted May Geneseean.
Apr 20 - updated photo on Outdoor Expo page.
Mar 30 - Added April Mtg and April Geneseean and updated Monthly mtg webpage with May plans-lbt
Mar 2 - Added March meeting information to the Monthly Meetings page - sft
Mar 1 - changed Geneseean from Feb18 to Mar 2018 issue. - lbt
Feb 15 - Added Barb Brenner's compass workshop presentations to the bottom of the Monthly Meetings page.Feb 6 - added land mail address to "who we are" page and deleted reference to phone line on "join us" page-lbt
Jan 24 - Added February Geneseean
Jan 20 - added Joyce to the Membership chair on the Executive Committee page
Jan 16 - Added February chapter meeting information.
Jan 2 - Added January Chapter Meeting program and workshop. Photos soon.

Jan 8 - lbt added a link on the Useful Information page to the scholarship application.

What's New 2017

Dec 19 - Updated the Outdoor Expo page.
Dec 13 - The Facebook and YouTube icons are back on the home page and in the page footer. 
Dec 12 - Updated Expo webpage with dates that I could change, lbt
Dec 10 - Added the google trails calendar to "Local Day Outings", since the trails calendar tab disappeared. lbt 
Dec 1 - Changed link to videos after 3/2016  on photo/video gallery page lbt 

Changed default view to agenda for Master Schedule page. More useful for mobile users. Desktop users can easily toggle between modes.
Added December Geneseean link to home page. Added menu note for mobile users.
Updated Geneseean Newsletter webpage to Dec 2017 issue. 11/22/17 lbt
Updated December chapter meeting. 11/14/17
YM Winter Weekend registration info updated and link added. 11/13/17
YM page for winter weekend page updated by Peter C and Larry added sidebar to get to the How to pay page. 11/6/17 
Added Looking ahead to December on Monthly Meeting
Updated main page with November Program. 
Added new Geneseean link on Geneseean page and changed email address to send updates to from adk-gvc.org to .gmail
Added Looking ahead to November on Monthly Meeting page lbt 9/25/17
Updated Quest page for Carol lbt 9/23/17
Changed the "home" and Monthly meeting pages to October topics.
Changed the Geneseean Newsletter to the newest issue.
Added LOJ trip to events and trails-local calendar
Added LOJ weekend event in October from LI chapter to  Home page lbt 9/6/2017
Changed education chair to Jill Nichols on the EC page.
Changed the workshops on the home page to sept "meet n greet" and Oct- Reinhard presentation lbt 8/28
Changed Geneseean Editor on EC Committee page
Added the October program and workshop to the Home and Monthly meeting pages lbt 8/19
Modified Geneseean Newsletter page with Sept issue. lbt 8/18
Changed monthly meeting notice of top of Home page to 2nd Wed. Sept-June)
Added EC and Chapter meetings to 2017-2018 calendar months.
Updated the YM JBJ to inform that registration is closed and who to contact for the waiting listed.
Updated the Home page and Monthly Meeting page with date and program for september 13
Updated the YM JBJ "How to pay" webpage for 2017 needs. Left to versions of the forms on the page. The first half is mobile compatible, the second half is last years html code, not mobile compatible. lbt 5/26
Modified Home page, Monthly Meeting with June's program and work shop. Added September's probram on the Monthly meeting page. Modified Geneseean Newsletter page with June issue. lbt 5/24
Added YouTube logo to Home page lbt 5/13
Changed home page to June program, removed May program, added Trails mud issue and cleaned up offset of calendar box. lbt 5/12
Removed May meeting and cleaned up some editting issues lbt 5/12
Changed Programs chair to Co-chairs Jill and Jackson lbt 5/4
Deleted Chapter Hotline ljv 5/3
added time, date and location to home page for chapter meeting also time to meeting page. ljv5/1

April -
updated home and monthly meeting pages with monthly meeting info from May Geneseean. 4/29/17 lbt
Updated Newsletter page with May Geneseean. 4/29/17 lbt
updated home page, monthly meeting page with May's meeting topics a 4/23/17-lbt

added National Trails Day Project to Conservation page. 4/3/17 lbt
updated home page, monthly meeting page and geneseean page with April's meeting topics and Geneseean issue 3/24/17-lbt
updated image on expo page 3/20/17-lbt
Added April's meeting topic to "Monthly meeting" page. lbt 3/17/17
Changed meeting date change to 3/21/17- lbt 3/13/17.
Added meeting date change to March 14th in 3 locations-lbt 3/9/17
Updated web page 2.0 GVC Trip Leaders  with new links for most of the referenced documents. A couple in red do not have sources and will look for those in the future- lbt 3/8/17
Updated Geneseean Coverpage-lbt

Changed Home page -Upcoming meeting to "looking ahead to March"-lbt

Changed next meeting topic to "looking ahead to March"-lbt
Fixed links for 2017 Genessean folder-lbt
added Genessean links for 1970-1972 pdfs-lbt
Changed Local Day outings webpage to be one column and more mobile friendly, also changed default calendar to agenda mode instead of calendar mode
Added February Meeting info from Geneseean to Home
Added February Geneseean to newsletter page
Changed Monthly Meeting to March 2017
Removed LOJ info from home page
Modified LOJ link to FULL with Bill S contact info.
Removed Letchworth photos from home page. 

What's New 2016

Increased font size for correction of workshops
Added meeting info from Geneseean
Changed Asst. Chair name
Added Trails Photo Archives access to website ljv
Added/Removed Geneseean for Jan 2017 ljv - posted 12/23/16 
Added Loj trip to homepage with link ljv
Remove 50th info from website ljv
Added January meeting date - no info on that provided.ljv
Modify 50th celebration info page, home page meeting page. ljv

added expo committee's calendar to main page and expo page.
Overhaul of HSHS page with google drive links
Added Quest page and changes
removed November meeting info and added image to meeting page for 50th. 
Added hike photos. 

Added the November Geneseean 
Added image for 50th from Geneseean
Added Volunteer of Month Oct - Nov
November meeting information added
Paddle page updates and information moved around
Removed outdated info from paddle page
Created 50th anniversary page
removed ptfl item 
removed film item
added 50th link to sidebar

added woman's calendar to Local hike, home page and Master Schedule calendars-lt
added womans hike trip photos
added correction to Geneseean for photo credit. 
added photos from St regis trip
added photos for waneka lake trip
Fast forward film festival blurb added to home page. 
Added Facebook icon and link to Expo page
Modified YM page removed old info
Changes to the chapter org members
added photos to waterways -seneca erie canal
added braddock bay photos. 
added spencerport photos
Updated LOJ trip info, form and tested for registration.
Moved Tshirt form up
modified front page to remove chapter info. 

Updated committee members. 
Added PTFL finishers
Added Geneseean - sept issue
Added Expo Thank You to expo page. 
Consolidated 2014, 2015 website changes to one text item to save space. 
Modified Sidebar - put Geneseean up a level
Modified Sidebar - added Chapter quest under extended challenges and PTFL under same.
Modified Geneseean Archive- directed to google drive.
Changed HSHS to correct list. 
Added Harvey - new 46er
Modified ptfl completions
Added waterways photos

Added pics for 7/14/16 paddle Macedon
Added Earthworks Institute Link to Links page
Added pics for Seneca Lake
Modified PTFL -added completions
Fixed date on Exec Committee page 

Added Volunteer of Month for June-July 2016
Updated Conservation page with braddock bay invasive pulling. 
Updated Expo page, added photos
Removed June Meeting info
Added September meeting info
Modified shirts page per PC
Added Links to YouTube channel to Monthly meeting page (lt)
Added Expo page link to image on home page
Added link to Golden Link Folk Singing Society to Expo page
Added Ambassadors page under Volunteer
Placed how to Vol of Year info to Vol. of Year page and Volunteer page
Placed Vol. of Month info to Volunteer Page.
Moved hearing loop info to chapter meeting page
Modified home page moved adk cares to bottom
removed references to google plus as its not updated or current
removed hshs info which was due June 1- now obsolete for the year. 

Added Maps to Maps Page
Added Family Friendly trails maps to Maps page
Removed outdated conservation news
Added photos to waterways gallery
Added link to conservation google group to bottom of email page. 
Added google group to conservation page
Added Conservation News to the sidebar 
Changed quest completions to a spreadsheet on Google drive and put on Quest page. 
Added 2 more quest completions.
Added meeting info to meeting page
Added Canadice lake paddle
added trails photos rifle range hike
LT - added meeting info to home page
Modified Volunteer of Month page. 
Removed old photos from Gallery added videos
Change sidebar Photo/Video Gallery
Added photos for Mothers Day hike. 
Added teaser to homepage for tshirt ordering
New liability forms place on website. 
Deleted hidden obsolete pages taking space from 89% to 64% used.
Removed all chapter google group link- per EC
Removed facebook announcment
Added facebook logo with link to adk gvc facebook page. 

Howland island photos added - waterways
May meeting information added
May workshop information added
Added paddle trip photos from April
Added Hiking trip photos from April
Modified HSHS text and added link to listing
Removed April meeting from homepage
added note to adk portal for membership changes

HSHS nominations added to home page ljv
Changed Header - DS
Added maps of the finger lakes for the ptfl challenge. 
Info on April Meeting. 
Added compass workshop part 3 docs
updated Leadership workshop to full - waiting list only
added blurb for Expo volunteers
changed email addresses for consistency with geneseean

Updated Winter Loj trip with 2017 dates
Added Winter Loj Trip 2016 photos
Added Volunteer of the year 2015
Added program for this month
added workshop for this month
added whats next months program
placed log file for ptfl challenge as a link
added links to some of the finger lakes maps on ptfl challenge page. 

January - 
Added Rochester, NY to the header
Revisions to Challenges page
Added Quest Completion 85
Added Ambassadors Report on home page
Modified Leadership Training on home page
Added February Meeting info from Geneseean
Modified workshop part 2 for February
Winter Backpacking page added with video under Education

2015 Website Changes

October 2015
updated November meeting info
added December coming up
Changed ym email 
added new quest challenge finishers
Changed email on quest challenge
Modified LOJ form x2

September 18
Removed last months program 
Added this months program. 

August 21 - added High Summit Honor Society to home page for nominations. 
August 9 - updated High Summit Honor Society to reflect current year. 
July 9, 2015

  • removed bad links from paddling page.
  • added link from middle school kids on endangered animals. 
June 23
  • updated links to Organizations and Resources
  • deleted links that did not work on Organizations and Resources

June 22
  • Added photos to trails
  • removed bad links from outdoor retailers
  • reversed order of dates on this list. 

June 14
  • Added September meeting info
  • Added waterways photos and trails photos
June 13
  •     Added Expo 2015 Photos
June 3
May 31
May 30

2014 Website Changes

December 22
December 17
December 16
  • Updated the January 14 meeting info and the November 2014 Looking Back, both on the Monthly Meeting page.
December 15
November 22

November 17
October 16
October 9
October 5
October 7
September 29
September 22
September 4
September 3
  • Corrected the date for next week's chapter meeting.  It's the 10th!
September 1
August 27
  • Steve Tryon signed back in as webmaster.  Tatjana came to my rescue when I desperately needed a break.  Now it's her turn to be swamped and mine to jump back in.
  • Posted Shae's Save-the-Date for the Winter Loj Trip
May 24, 2014

January 2013

January 15-17
January 11
January 3

September 2012

September 30
September 26
September 22
September 8
September 4
  • Added information for September 12 chapter meeting.

July 2012

July 15
  • The webmaster is running seriously behind as he counts down the days to closing first on his current house then on the nifty little place up in East Irondequoit.
  • http://www.gvc-adk.org is back to pointing to the same place as our primary http://www.adk-gvc.org
  • The trip report submission forms are working again, I think. :-)

June 2012

2011 Website Changes

December 17
December 14
December 11
November 26
November 23