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October 10 Chapter Meeting - Program 7:30


Presented by J. R. Harris

J. R. Harris
J. R. Harris, an AMC member, is a well-known explorer and the author of "Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker." From his origins in New York City, J. R. has been roaming, mostly alone and unsupported, from Arctic Alaska to the Australian Outback, from Patagonia to the Pyrenees, and across the many "lands" (Greenland, Lapland, Iceland, Newfoundland, Finland, and New Zealand) for more than 50 years. He is still an active and enthusiastic trekker and is committed to encouraging everyone, especially young people and people of color, to experience the benefits that come from being in the great outdoors, and to support and protect our natural environments. J. R.'s upbeat presentation, "Trail Talk from an Old Dirt Kicker," is enhanced with numerous photo images to illustrate the "top ten" topics his audiences are most curious about regarding wilderness travel, sharing lessons he learned along the way. He will address each topic, such as planning, wildlife, fear, being alone, fitness, weather, etc., within the context of one of his many extraordinary journeys.  READ MORE IN A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE

October 10 - Workshop 6:30

How to Survive in the Wilderness Until You Are Found

Presented by Seth Irwin

Seth Irwin of Massasauga Search and Rescue Team will present a workshop for anyone hiking trails, especially solo hikers; skiers; snowmobilers; or anyone doing any activity in the backcountry. He will teach survival skills, techniques and about the equipment needed to survive and be found.


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