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April 11 Program 7:30 Part 1 of 2

Members Night (2 short programs)


Presented by Ken Harbison

Alaska is noted for its wildlife, glaciers, and towering mountains. See highlights of a 13-day cruise and tour to Alaska. Our cruise went from Vancouver BC via the inside passage to Whittier, AK. We did excursions and hikes from four towns and saw eagles, spawning salmon, brown bears (Grizzlies), and other wildlife. We saw numerous glaciers, including the calving of icebergs. A scenic railroad trip took us to Talkeetna. We spent four days in Denali State and National Parks hiking and viewing wildlife. In Fairbanks, we went on a riverboat excursion and at night saw spectacular Northern Lights.

April 11 Program 7:30 Part 2 of 2



“Go out for a paddle, and just keep paddling...”
Ever paddled a kayak more than 40 miles at one time? Or paddled all night? Neither had Stina Bridgeman and Gary Maslanka when they embarked on their quest to complete the 368-mile PTFL Challenge in their own way - by circumnavigating each of the 11 Finger Lakes in a single outing.
Like many endeavors, it started reasonably enough with a circuit of one of the smaller lakes or a section of one of the bigger lakes. But then one starts to look for the next challenge, and one thing leads to another, and soon enough you find yourself getting surfed into the beach at Lodi Point in the dark. Or marvel at the fireflies dotting the cliffs at the south end of Seneca Lake. Or watching a snake swim with a fish it has just caught. Or eating cold pizza on a dock at 4 am.
Hear more about these experiences and others as well as some of the things learned over the three summers spent completing this quest, including exactly how big those big lakes are.

April 11 Workshop 6:30


Presented by Jackson Thomas

Enjoy this April workshop as our very own Jackson Thomas shares his knowledge of a unique and observable universe. Whether out for a moonlit hike or in your back yard, using instruments or the naked eye, now is your opportunity to learn more about the night sky.


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