How to post images in the ADK-GVC photo gallery

These instructions are so the webmaster and Executive Committee members can remember how to do it.
  • Open Google Drive
  • Go to the ADK-GVC Media Assets folder.  If you don't have access, contact the webmaster.
    • Select the appropriate subfolder, for example, > ADK-GVC Media Assets > Trails Albums > 85 - Trails 2015
  • Notice that the year folders are prefixed with a number equal to 2100-year to make then sort nicely.
  • Create a folder for the trip or event.
    • Use a name of the form "2015-01-31 Ellison Park - Photos by Vinnie Finn" with the sortable date, brief name, and photographer.
  • Copy the photos to the new folder.
    • Please resize the images to 1000 or fewer pixels on the long edge for faster loading and to be kind to our disk space.
  • Let know where you put the images.

  • The following steps are for the webmaster.
  • Sign in to the website.
  • Go to the Photo Gallery.
  • Select the appropriate subgallery.  Go there.
  • Edit the page.
  • Insert at Drive Folder container.
    • Select the folder with the newly uploaded images.
    • Set the container to 250 pixels high, grid view.
  • If there are more than two containers with images in a grid, removed the oldest ones.  The images are still available in the list containers below.
  • Update the appropriate folder on the top level photo gallery with the new image folder.  I think we can keep the most recent from each group and still have the page load quickly enough.
  • Update the What's New link and page.