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Join Us at our Chapter Meetings! 

Second Wednesday of the Month
September - June
Free and Open to the Public

Workshop at 6:30 PM
Presentation at 7:30 PM

Eisenhart Auditorium, Rochester Museum and Science Center 
657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY

March 14 Program 7:30



Presented by Tony Nowak

Would you ever consider sleeping in a tent, in a cemetery or a Bates type motel? Does the idea of spending day after day alone – far from home, with no cell phone, appeal to you? Would you relish the thought of physically pushing yourself beyond your farthest dreams in situations where there would be no relief, no turning back, and no choice but to push forward? Can you imagine riding a bicycle an average of 94 miles a day for 37 straight days, over mountains, in 100 degree heat, though numerous storms, with tractor trailers passing within a few feet of you at 60 MPH?

If you think about planning such a trip today, you would expect to hop on the Internet, research possible routes, eateries, camping grounds, motels, road conditions, bike shops, etc. In 1986, when Tony planned and set upon his cross-country trip, he had the help of an Adventure Cycling Association planned route with accompanying maps. Other than that he had his legs, his bicycle and a “wing and a prayer”.

Join Tony Nowak as he tells us about his 3,512 mile solo bicycle trip across the northern United States from Mt. Vernon, Washington back to Fairport, NY in time to get back to work at Xerox and rejoin his family. He will also share his adventures on some of his other trips - some scary, some funny, and many amazing – as he biked across the US, as well as around the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi, and finally completing his cross country trip from Fairport to the coast of Maine in 2009, Having biked 12,312 miles through 26 states, over 14 years, he has plenty of ammunition to entertain you at the March meeting.

March 14 Workshop 6:30


Presented by Barb Brenner

This month’s workshop is part 2 of a 2-partworkshop focusing on how to use a compass. This workshop focuses on declination, the angle between magnetic north and true north, and how to adjust for it. Learn how to use a bearing taken with either magnetic north or true north and use it with the other “north”.

Steven Tryon,
Feb 15, 2018, 5:04 PM
Steven Tryon,
Feb 15, 2018, 5:05 PM