2005-2007 Meeting Highlights from the Programs Committee

Looking back to the December 2007 chapter meeting

RMSC Overbooking on December 12
Kim Goppert Programs Co-chair

I contacted the Hospitality Manager at Rochester Museum & Science Center, Anita Joan Angelico, regarding the lack of parking for what is traditionally one of the club's best-attended events. I expressed our disappointment and noted that many prospective attendees left, as they were unable to find a parking spot. Anita was very apologetic and stated that what the museum had intended to be a goodwill gesture to the community (free admission to "Our Body: The Universe Within" exhibit) resulted in many unhappy circumstances – not just ours.

As a goodwill gesture, the director of Marketing & Community Affairs, Debra Jacobson, sent the club a letter of apology and offered a partial refund of our rent for December. In the future, the museum has asked the promotions team to communicate more clearly with the hospitality staff ahead of time.



At our December meeting, Kevin Flynn shared his 15 year journey to become a member of the Seven Summit 'Club'. After taking us on a brief visit to each of the other six continents' highest summits, the focus of his program then turned to his two attempts to reach the summit of Everest. The first attempt was in 2002, when he was forced to turn back with the goal only a few hundred feet away, and the second was in 2004, when he finally stood on top of the World but was unable to fully enjoy the moment since his body was rapidly deteriorating with pneumonia & signs of HAPE. Kevin was able to survive in large part due to the encouragement & support of his Sherpa. Thanks to a series of short videos incorporated throughout the program, we felt like we were almost on the mountain with Kevin, jumping crevasses, scaling seracs, weathering a storm, and constantly struggling for air.

Looking back to the November 2007 executive committee meeting

Main club executive director Neil Woodworth met with the GVC chapter executive committee and other chapter members to update us on the state of the club, particularly with regard to conservation issues. Read Deni's report here.   [Photographs]

Looking back to the November 2007 chapter meeting

We welcomed the Edison Tech Hiking Club. Chapter member donated a large collection of excess equipment to help them on their way.   [Photographs]

Victor Poleshuck: Africa and Antarctica

Dr. Victor Poleshuck took us to Antarctica via a National Geographic icebreaker to climb snowfields and kayak with humpbacks and penguins. Then it was on to southern Africa for a safari to see the amazing birds and animals. If you missed the grinning lion, well, you missed the grinning lion.

Looking back to the October 2007 chapter meeting

We welcomed Dan DeLawyer, Regional Director of Western New York Ducks Unlimited. [map] With more than a million supporters, Ducks Unlimited is the world's largest and most effective wetland and waterfowl conservation organization. Since its founding in 1937, DU has raised more than $2 billion to conserve over 11 million acres of critical wildlife habitat across North America. Wetlands are nature's most productive ecosystems, but the United States alone has lost more than half of its original wetlands, and continues to lose more than 100,000 wetland acres every year. Through public support and volunteer effort Ducks Unlimited continues its mission of conserving wetlands and waterfowl habitat throughout North America benefiting not only waterfowl, but also mammals, amphibians, reptiles, as well as over 130 species of shorebirds and songbirds.

DU presentation http://www.ducks.org/

Looking back to the September 2007 chapter meeting

Alpine Flora of the Adirondack Mountains

The delicate nature of the Alpine flora of the Adirondack Mountains and the Mountains of New England were explored by Dr. Nancy Slack at our September meeting. We were taken on a journey through the Alpine Zones in a beautiful side show taken from her book "Adirondack Alpine Summits An Ecological Field Guide". An abundance of fragile flowers, mosses and lichens await any one who is wiling to explore the endangered nature on the summits. Dr Slack presented her field guide through stunning photographs and insightful knowledge of the flora and fauna. In her reflections to us, we must all be aware of the potential endangerment of these fragile plants and birds. We have to use caution when hiking as not to disturb the delicate environment and we all should be providing continued education and conservation information to all whose who hike these beautiful Mountains.

Fifth High Summit Honor Society Induction Ceremony

At the September 12th chapter meeting, the following members were inducted into the High Summit Honor Society: Alan Bushnell, Michael Dobner, Karen Malecki, David Newman, and Edgar W. Trainer. The High Summit Honor Society exists to honor those distinguished members who have contributed to the continued growth and development of the Genesee Valley Chapter over an extended period of time. This year we honored five exceptional individuals who have more than met that criterion. Each inductee was awarded a certificate after a brief presentation of their outstanding contributions to the chapter. Inductees also shared their own perceptions of how their volunteer experience has enriched their lives as well. Unfortunately, Edgar Trainer passed away in March of this year, but his daughter, Susan Stolov, came into Rochester to accept the award on his behalf. Susan also shared pictures of her father in early GVC-ADK trips.

A special thanks to each of the speakers: Bill Crowe, Daan Zwick, Mark Baker and Rich Sensenbach. Also a note of thanks to Steve Tryon for taking pictures at the ceremony, and to Barb Brenner who researched and wrote the article on David Newman. Please feel free to check out the plaque at the monthly chapter meetings that list all of the inductees from each of the five classes of the High Summit Honor Society.

Click here a short summary of the contributions of each of these five inductees.

Looking back to the June 2007 chapter meeting

The following 2007-2008 chapter officers were elected at the June chapter meeting:

  • Chair - Deni Charpentier
  • Vice Chair - Laura Williams
  • Secretary - Bruce Tehan
  • Treasurer - Bill Crowe
  • Director - Judy Immesoete
  • Director - Tom Wallenhorst
  • Alternate Director - Shirley Thomas
  • Alternate Director - Gail Soucy
  • Alternate Director - Steve Tryon
  • Alternate Director - Jackson Thomas

Looking back to the April 2007 chapter meeting

Our April speaker, Christine Sevilla, will be leading a "Weed Walk" on June 23. Says she, "It's really great to talk to a group that is interested and enthusiastic about these places. I'll look forward to seeing many of them on the weed walk." Click here for more information.

Looking back to the March 2007 chapter meeting

The Ups and Downs of Members' Night

Looking back to the December 2006 chapter meeting

By Mary Warchocki

Carol Stone White, along with her husband David, highlighted several stories and adventures of the first 29 brave women to complete their Winter 46. The audience was treated to a spectacular slide show of some amazing winter climbs in both the Adirondacks and New Hampshire's highest summits. Despite the unseasonable warm temperatures outside, you could almost imagine yourself on a beautiful snow covered peak with a spectacular vision of ice covered pines and endless views.

Looking back to November 2006

(Click on any of the images for the slideshow.)

By Jackson Thomas

Could you feel your chair shaking from all of the toe-tapping and foot-stomping around you? Was your view periodically obscured by a sea of heads or bodies bobbing to the music in front of you? If you were involved with either or both of these questions during Carl and the Dans' sensational program, you know what a superb evening of visual beauty and auditory delight was enjoyed by a standing-room-only crowd of about 450 people.

Carl Heilman, one of the finest landscape photographers in the Northeast, showed his award-winning slideshow titled 'Images and Music of the Adirondacks.' Dan Berggren and Dan Duggan, two of folk music's nationally acclaimed and award-winning musicians and songwriters, sang and played some of the music from their CDs. Peggy Lynn, 'The First lady of Adirondack Music,' could not join us for this performance during which we heard and saw why our passion for the Adirondacks continues to grow. Thank you, Carl, Dan and Dan, for sharing your love of these mountains with us, and all of us look forward to your next visit!

Looking back to September 2006

By Charlie Helman

After listening to the achievements of the people our chapter honored on Wednesday night I was concerned as the sponsor of our program for the evening. Fortunately, Louise Adie our speaker came with quite a resume herself. She has been a avid cross country skier, rock climber, bike racer and for the last 12 years a kayaker. She has completed a solo circumnavigation of Lake Ontario and as we found out , for the last two years she has been a kayak guide from a tour boat in Antartica. She presented us with a very animated talk complete with spectacular photos of the region and the abundant wildlife. On behalf of our chapter, thanks...Louise!

Looking back to June 2006

By Judy Immesoete

Gretchen Schauss biked us across the Untied States over 4000 miles from Washington State and the Pacific Ocean to Maine where she touched the wheels of her bike in the Atlantic Ocean. She took us over the Rocky Mountains with their majestic peaks and unexpected snow storms, peddled us across the mighty Mississippi River, braved thunder storms around the Great Lakes, through the quaint towns and villages of New England culminating in her successful journey; cycling across America.

To add to his many high mountain experiences Doug Smith added one more amazing accomplishment he through hiked the Appalachian Trail. Doug hiked from Springer Mt. Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine 2160 miles of continuous marked foot path. He journeyed over countless mountains, through valleys and meadows, steams, rivers and 14 States making him one of a very small yet distinguished group of individuals; a Through Hiker of the AT.

Chapter officers

the following officers were elected at the June 2006 chapter meeting:

    chair – rich sensenbach
    vice chair – laura williams
    secretary – mark baker
    treasurer – deni charpentier
    director – judy immesoete
    director – tom wallenhorst
    alternate director – susan aiello
    alternate director – gail soucy
    alternate director – steve tryon
    alternate director – jackson thomas

Looking back at the March 2006 Program

By Bill Crow

At the March 8th chapter meeting, chapter member Dick Herbison told the story of his late 2001 expedition to Aconcagua, South America's hightest mountain. Mixing his many scenic photos with several short videos (accompanied by audio) Dick told the story of how the local group of four planned the trip on their own but were thwarted just 0.7 miles from the summit by a combination of bad weather and bad luck. An yet, most importantly, all arrived home safe and sound. Thanks, Dick, for an informative and exciting presentation.

Looking back at the February 2006 Members' Night

By Susan Aiello

A packed audience was treated to three wonderful presentations at our annual Members' Night program! From Mark Baker's exotic shots in far-away locales, to Ken Harbison's breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon, and Nancy Donny's funny (and successful) first GVC-ADK canoe adventure, all were kept entertained (and smiling!) throughout the evening!!! Thanks to all three for sharing your travels with us!

Looking back at the October 2005 program

By Mary Warchocki

Over 100 people, many from other area outdoor clubs and organizations, attended the October program at the Eisenhart Auditorium.  This was a pretty incredible show rate given the fact that many of us failed to receive our monthly newsletter (including myself) because of a glitch at the post office.  Neil Woodworth, the Executive Director and Counsel of the Adirondack Mountain Club, presented an overview of the club activities including trail maintenance, educational workshops, and the latest environmental concerns both around the state and those specific to the Western New York area.  Earlier in the evening, Neil met with the Chapter’s Executive Committee for an informal question and answer session.