2008 Meeting Highlights from the Programs Committee

December 10

Looking back to the December 2008 Chapter Meeting
We started off the evening with a cookie social, serenaded by the Golden Link Folk sInging Society
Polar Bear Conservation – An In-Field Perspective
by Kim E. Goppert
Kara Masaschi, polar bear keeper and Rocky Coast supervisor at Seneca Park Zoo, shared with us her love for these wonderful "sea bears". We learned about polar bear biology, conservation, threats to these amazing predators and even the "expectant" status of Seneca Park's zoo resident polar bear, Aurora. Kara's photos and stories were from her own experiences up in Churchill, Manitoba where she has spent several weeks for the last 3 years as an in-field lecturer. I had the pleasure after Kara's presentation to witness her interaction with 3 young girls who not only were animal lovers but were in awe of her position as a keeper. They even asked for her autograph. Kara's wonderful presentation skills and personal stories interjected along the way made for a great program.
Learn more about polar bears at http://www.PolarBearsInternational.org/ and the Seneca Park Zoo Polar Bear Blog


November 12

Looking back to the November 2008 Chapter Meeting
From Wet to Dry and Low to High, National Park Sampler
By Al Bushnell
Debi Holt and Kathy Krenzer took the audience on a journey to three of the National Parks that they have visited in their quest to visit all 64 parks. Each journey consisted of a brief narrative of their trip & park history, followed by three wonderful multi-media presentations of spectacular photography accompanied by the perfect music. The amazing wildlife seen when canoeing through the maze of the Everglades, the slot canyons & salt beds when hiking around Death Valley, and the shear beauty of Sequoia Kings Canyon when climbing towards the summit of Mt. Whitney were all captured for us to experience. Hopefully, they'll agree to share other adventures with us at a future program.

October 8

Looking back to the October 2008 Chapter Meeting
Climbing to the Ends of the Earth - Gary Fallesen
Our October program featured a program by Gary Fallesen. Gary left the secure structured atmosphere of a 9-5 career as the Outdoors writer at the Democrat & Chronicle to embark on a new career. His new vocation finds him travelling the world to provide both physical and spiritual assistance to people in areas where other missions are physically unable to reach them due to their remote locations and rugged terrain. An entertaining speaker, Gary took us on his journey from his early days as a sports writer to the present day as founder of Climbing For Christ through wonderful photographs of remote mountaintops and secluded villages and tribes that have chronicled his many journeys and experiences.

September 17

Looking back to the September 2008 Chapter Meeting
A Bag Lady's Dream: Kathryn Zimmerman chronicles her thru hike on the AT – Kathryn Zimmerman delighted the audience sharing touching and often humorous stories of her previous year's experiences thru hiking the AT. Others have completed this journey, but Kathryn gave the audience the sense that this goal was somehow within reach for all of us ... that is as long as we were willing to work hard and stay focused. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and her tenacity was enviable. Kathryn carefully interwove spectacular photography (including several short videos), practical advice (for those who were really seriously considering hiking the trail) with the her own story of her incredible journey as she completed this 'lofty goal'. We are anxiously awaiting to hear about Kathryn's next adventure ...


June 11

Looking back to the June 2008 Chapter Meeting
We started off with refreshments and the anual ADK Gear Swap.
The first presentation was by Steve Tryon, GVC's own Webmaster and Alternate Director. Steve Tryon has many things to be proud of: his family, his career, his volunteer work, and his artist gift as a photographer. During the June program, Steve took us on a virtual paddle of Irondequoit Creek via a spectacular slide show captured through the lens of his camera. Many have commented on the peace and beauty captured in his images. You can see more of Steve's photography at PearwoodDesigns.com.
Next, Ken Harbison presented an awe-inspiring, spectacular slide show of his (with wife Judy and two other chapter members) self arranged trip to Kauai, Maui and Lanai. Ken's presentation highlighted the spectacular wonder and beauty of this state. Ken is known for his meticulously organized and always entertaining trips whether these are official chapter trips, or (as in this case) self arranged and guided trips.


==>   Don't miss Charlie and the Rubber Ducks

Genesee Valley Chapter Elections for 2008-2009

The following slate of candidates was elected at the June 11, 2008 meeting:

  • Chair - Gary Dewitt
  • Vice Chair - Al Bushnell
  • Secretary - Bruce Tehan
  • Treasurer - Bob Krenzer
  • Director - Judy Immesoete
  • Director - Tom Wallenhorst

Continuing in office are:

  • Alternate Director - Shirley Thomas
  • Alternate Director - Gail Soucy
  • Alternate Director - Steve Tryon
  • Alternate Director - Jackson Thomas

May 14

Looking back to the May 2008 Chapter Meeting
During the workshop, Jason Hammel of Eastern Mountain Sports gave an overview of proper bike fit, basic trail and road maintenance tips and techniques relating to better performance.
Steve Eisinger, Kevin Hoehn, Chris McManus, Bob Kuehl, Karen Mesolella, Paul Neumann, Kathy Jukubowski and Irene Liberty all contributed in the May 14th program to share with us their 18-day Pack, Paddle, Ski trip to Tibet in September 2007. Their enthusiasm was clearly evident as they described their adventures there and showed us the photographs and videos they took. They spent several days in Lhasa and then drove and trekked to Everest Base Camp. A common theme among the presenters was how much they enjoyed their interactions with the people of Tibet.


April 9

Looking back to the April 2008 Chapter Meeting


During the workship, Dave Hulburt of BayCreek Paddling Center walked us through how length, weight, style and materials affect each boats performance.
Then we accompanied long distance cyclists Brian and Karen Managan on their Pacific-to-Atlantic biking journey - all 3974 miles (!) - by video shot from their recumbent tandem, gear in tow. Strategically selected music enhanced the virtual experience - the pain of the 6500' climb up the Sierra Mountains; the desolation and agony pushing through the scorching deserts of Nevada; and the fatigue of the succession of grueling climbs up to the Continental Divide. But then, the thrill we got peering head-on over the handlebars at the pavement drops and curves on the wild 49+ mph descents! And the awe of the geological splendors of Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase, Escalante, and Capital Reef National Parks – images to be recalled when feeling the discouragement from the headwinds, sidewinds, and rains of Kansas. And at the end, as they dipped the bike into the Atlantic, we enjoyed the accomplishment of a feat artfully done.
Click here for Brian's and Karen's Trans-Am 2004 Weblog.

March 12

Looking back to the March 2008 Chapter Meeting


Finger Lakes Community College Professor Marty Dodge provided us a glimpse of the grandeur biological diversity of South Central Alaska and the Wrangell St. Elias National Park. Ten students travelling with Marty Dodge, hiked, back packed and kayaked in and about Prince William Sound and the Chugatch Mountains as part of of his Conservation Travel Ecology Course.

February 13

Looking back to the February 2008 Chapter Meeting


Outdoors writer and photographer Kris Dreessen joined us on the evening of February 13 to share her experiences in the Peruvian Amazon. Kris spent three weeks in the Lago Preto region, living aboard a vintage rubber-boom boat gathering data with international researchers and working with villagers in an effort to both preserve the region and improve healthcare for people in remote settlements.
Kris' Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon images will be on exibition March 8 - April 12.
        Ock Hee's Gallery
        2 Lehigh Street
        Honeoye Falls 14472
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January 13

Looking back to the January 2008 Chapter Meeting