2010 Meeting Highlights from the Programs Committee

November 10

Looking back to the November 2010 Chapter Meeting

Photos by Steve

November's program treated the audience to a splendid prelude to the upcoming outdoor Winter hiking season. Len Pratt, ADK Winter Mountaineering School instructor, and elected member of the school's advisory committee started the presentation by talking about the school's history (50 years running), program offerings, and what to expect when you sign up for winter instruction at the ADK Mountaineering School. Len also shared some incredible winter photos of the students and instructors climbing High Peaks, practicing self arrest skills and enjoying the rustic and cozy ADK Loj accommodations. He followed the presentation with a more personal, hands-on, discussion and demonstration of gear necessary when hiking and climbing in the winter. Len's enthusiasm, educational and organizational skills, as well as, his love of the outdoors captivated the audience. Judging by the many questions after the presentation, I suspect there will be many hikers on the trails this coming winter season.

September 7

Looking back to the September 2010 Chapter Meeting

Photos by Jackson and Steve

June 12

ADK Outdoor Expo


June 9

Looking back to the June 2010 Chapter Meeting
by Kim Goppert

Our last program for the 2009- 2010 season was our annual member's evening. Judging by the attendance, everyone was eager to hear about the adventures of two of our own members. First, Ken Harbison took us on a trip to Hadrian's Wall in Northern England. Ken's knowledge of the history of the wall and local ruins was truly impressive as he showed wonderful photographs of the wall, local scenery and historically significant ruins along the way.

Next up was Jackson Thomas who delighted the audience with his descriptions and photos of everything from an amazing Irish breakfast to awesome Irish sea-cliffs (from which less-than-cautious tourists fall on a fairly regular basis) to Irish sheep road-blocks. Blessed with extraordinarily good weather, Jackson was able to show us beautiful photographs of this lovely part of the Emerald Isle.

Many thanks to both Ken and Jackson for making our annual member's program night such a success.

With this last program, Mary and I are stepping down as program co-chairs. We'd like to extend our thanks to the members of the programs committee who have not only suggested program ideas but championed many of our programs. Finally, we thank all the presenters, who over the last 3 years have helped us provide the chapter with what we hope have been educational and inspirational programs. We now turn programs over to our very capable successors, Deni and Judy.

May 12

Looking back to the May 2010 Chapter Meeting
by Bruce Tehan
We were treated to a fascinating program about the life of famed Cold River hermit, Noah John Rondeau. Our presenter and fellow ADKer, Jay O'Hern, is an author and historian who has written extensively about Noah John Rondeau and other Adirondack characters. Jay used historical imagery and writings, voice recordings by Noah John himself, and music by Peter Longshore and Dan Berggren to captivate us. We learned how Noah John was able to live alone for long stretches of time deep in the mountains. We learned about his battle of wits and later comradeship with local game wardens. We learned of the strong friendships this affable woodsman made with fellow Adirondack residents and outdoor enthusiasts. We owe many thanks to Jay O'Hern for sharing such charming stories with us about the legendary Adirondack Hermit, Noah John Rondeau.

March 10

Looking back to the March 2010 Chapter Meeting
Larry Weill talked about his own experience and 'Adventures in the Life of a Wilderness Park Ranger in the Adirondacks' at the March Chapter Meeting. Larry spent 3 years (1979-1981) living in a tent and patroling the area in the West Canada Lakes Wilderness. This is an area in the Adirondacks that remains near and dear to Larry and his family today, and is an area the Genesee Valley Chapter has adopted for maintenance and improvement. Larry shared some of history of this area, along with, some humorous stories of his experience there which lead to the writing of 3 books; "Excuse Me, Sir ... Your Socks are on Fire", "There's a Moose in your Tent", and "Forgive Me, Ma'am ... Bears Don't Wear Blue". Larry's daughter, Kelly, also present and a budding author, contributed to the writing (and was the inspiration) for "Forgive Me, Ma'am ... "

February 10

Looking back to the February 2010 Chapter Meeting - Photos by Steve


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January 13

Looking back to the January 2010 Chapter Meeting - Photos by Steve


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