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February 11, 2015

The videos of the February ADK meeting (2/11/2015) are available at the links below.

Workshop- February 11, 2015

Business Mtg-February 11, 2015

Main Presentation-February 11, 2015

January 14, 2015

The videos of the January ADK meeting (1/14/2015) are available at the links below.

Workshop-January 14, 2015

Business Mtg-January 14, 2015

Main Presentation-January 14, 2015

December 10, 2014

The videos of the October ADK meeting (12/10/2014) are available at the links below.

Business Mtg-December 10, 2014

Presentor- DVD and members-December 10, 2014

Election of 2015 Chapter Officers

Election of 2015 Chapter Officers

The following were elected at the December 2014 chapter meeting to serve as 2015 Officers for ADK-GVC.
  • Chair: Nancy Donny
  • Vice-Chair: Annie Fogarty
  • Secretary: Grace Fuller
  • Treasurer: Peter Collinge
  • Director: Shirley Thomas
Congratulations and thank you!

Looking back - November 12, 2014

Jeff Meade & Stina Bridgeman: Killarney, French River & Georgian Bay

Some of us read books about great places to go and things to do, but when Jeff Meade and Stina Bridgeman read “Georgian Bay: A Paddler’s Guide to Killarney and the French River” by Kevin Callan, they waste no time in living the dream!

Experienced canoeist, Jeff Meade and a fellow talented kayaker, Stina Bridgeman, allowed us to stay safely in our seats as they brought us deep into the wilderness of Ontario, Canada’s Killarney Provincial Park and French River Provincial Park.

The French River empties into Georgian Bay very near where Killarney is and where Stina paddled on Georgian Bay. French River Provincial Park is managed by the same park superintendent that manages Killarney Provincial Park. The two parks are about 8 miles apart. They both have significant shoreline on Georgian Bay.

Jeff mentioned the available Killarney car camping as he paddled his solo canoe right by the area to begin his wilderness trek over lake and portage around the perimeter of the expansive park. It was the pink granite rocks and countertop-smooth boulders formed and shaped by multiple glacial ages that drew him further away from civilization ... and showers. We were treated to spectacular photography, including water and rock mirror images in the exceptionally quiet and clear waters of Killarney. Jeff explained that they are all too clear due to extensive acid rain damage which killed much of the life in the water. However, recovery is now in progress.

Stina shared her kayaking experiences in Georgian Bay, which borders Killarney — an area known as the “Thirty Thousand Islands.” Different than Killarney, it is big water and not suitable for open canoes. Stina described the special mapping her paddling partner devised and the complexities of navigating around multiple islands at water level despite the maps. Occasional fog, marvelous views, and a naughty camera “screeching” a tiny hole in one of the (thankfully repairable) kayaks, made for a spectacular and challenging trip. We also learned that there was no need to carry tent stakes when you are camping on boulders ... just use big rocks as tie-downs!

We also got a good lesson in wilderness and water equipment — a different kind of thinking than other modes of trekking. Thank you Jeff and Stina for taking us to Canada and taking our breath away!

October 8, 2014

The videos of the October ADK meeting (10/8/2014) are available at the links below.

Business Mtg

Presentor- Dr. Kleiman

September 10, 2014

The videos of the September ADK meeting (9/10/2014) are available at the links below.

Business Mtg

Presentor- Fred Stoss

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