Paddle every week!

Monday morning Daytrippers

This group gets together for a leasurely paddle on Monday morning usually starting in June and going into October with a variety of trip leaders and locations. 

Thursday Evenings

We have Thursday evening paddles and Friday moonlight paddles from May through mid-September. These paddles are more relaxed paddling for canoes or kayaks with the locations and trip leaders varying. Beginning paddlers are welcome. Coast Guard approved lighting must be used in case we paddle after dark.

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Cold Water Immersion

1 - 10 - 1

1-10-1 is a simple way to remember the first three phases of cold water immersion and the approximate time each phase takes.

1 - Cold Shock. An initial deep and sudden Gasp followed by hyperventilation that can be as much as 600-1000% greater than normal breathing. You must keep your airway clear or run the risk of drowning. Cold Shock will pass in about 1 minute. During that time concentrate on avoiding panic and getting control of your breathing. Wearing a lifejacket during this phase is critically important to keep you afloat and breathing.

10 - Cold Incapacitation. Over approximately the next 10 minutes you will lose the effective use of your fingers, arms and legs for any meaningful movement. Concentrate on self rescue initially, and if that isn’t possible, prepare to have a way to keep your airway clear to wait for rescue. Swim failure will occur within these critical minutes and if you are in the water without a lifejacket, drowning will likely occur.

1 - HYPOTHERMIA. Even in ice water it could take approximately 1 hour before becoming unconscious due to Hypothermia. If you understand the aspects of hypothermia, techniques of how to delay it, self rescue and calling for help, your chances of survival and rescue will be dramatically increased.

Information and Videos on Cold Water Immersion and Survival: http://www.coldwaterbootcamp.com

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Take a trip!

Trips are suitable for canoes and kayaks unless otherwise noted.

  • If in doubt, ask the trip leader.

Trips may be canceled by the trip leader if the weather is too unfavorable.

  • If the weather looks marginal check with the trip leader in advance. 
  • It is always a good idea to let the trip leader know that you are planning on going on a paddle. 
  • We will try to post cancellations here on the web site.


  • Remember that trip leaders are "Hosts" and not professional guides. Leaders may or may not be skilled in First Aid or CPR.
  • Due to New York State Law, individual safety, and insurance concerns,
  • Each paddler must have an approved PFD which must be worn whenever the paddler is on the water.
  • Each boat must have a signaling device (whistle or horn).
  • For any trips scheduled after sunset, each boat should have a white signal light that can be viewed from 360 degrees.
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Stay in touch!

For information about Waterways activities, contact Charlie Helman, 585-266-0424, waterways@adk-gvc.org.

To join the Waterways Email List, go the Waterways Google Group page.

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General Guidelines for ADK Outings

Trip Classification and Participant Qualifications. Trip leaders should screen participants for appropriate skill, equipment and fitness for the proposed outing. Leaders have the responsibility to decline participation in a trip by any individual who, in their judgment, may impair the safety of participants or the objectives of the trip. All trip participants are expected to sign the ADK Release of Liability form before the outing begins. The trip leader shall prohibit participation in the outing by any person who refuses to sign the release.

Participant Conduct. Participants are expected to have a realistic knowledge of their own ability, to select activities within their capabilities and to carry clothing, food, water, and equipment appropriate to the trip.

Participants must be willing to accept the authority of the trip leader and to cooperate with him or her and other party members to make the trip safe and enjoyable.

Participants should inform the leader if they feel unduly tired or if the trip is exceeding their capability. Concealing such information to avoid embarrassment or other reasons endangers the safety of all participants.

A leader may curtail further participation by an individual and amend trip objectives if, in the leader's judgment, the safety of the individual or group requires it. If a trip participant is unable to continue with the trip and must turn back, he or she should be accompanied by at least one other person.

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Minors participating in ADK-GVC activities

Minors are welcome to participate in ADK-GVC activities; however the minor (any person under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If that is not the case, the minor must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must provide both a for  for Release of Liability Minor form and an Emergency Medical Care form signed by a parent or legal guardian. These forms are available on our web site for downloading under the heading Forms.

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Lead a trip!

Co-leading a trip with a more experienced leader is a good way to get started.

Safety Equipment available from Waterways Committee
  • Each trip leader should carry safety gear for your outing. You should have as a minimum a first aid kit, flares, spare paddle, spare PFD, duct tape, and throw rope.
  • If you do not have the necessary safety gear yourself, you may pick up a leader pack from the Waterways chair with the basic equipment.
  • The Waterways Committee expects trip leaders to provide an itinerary or basic description of their trip to be published, and that no unannounced changes will be made to that description once published.
  • Leaders still must use the Liability Waiver Form, are encouraged to complete a Trip Evaluation Form, and must complete an Accident Report Form in the event of injury to any trip participant. 
  • Liability release forms are available here. Return the completed forms to Charlie. You can file your trip report on-line here for the Geneseean and the web. Thanks.
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