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November 19

First Annual Creek Fall Cleanup Paddle - Irondequoit Creek - Photos by Steve
The first of what we hope to be a annual event took place on Saturday on Irondequoit Creek. The Waterways chapter has started something like a highway clean-up program on our local waterways. Irondequoit Creek was the first with hopes of repeating this event on waterways such as Black Creek, Salmon Creek,and Red Creek in future years.
We had eight paddlers that were gracious enough to participate. Baycreek provided us with the war canoe which we filled with four of the paddlers. The remaining four were paired off into two canoes. We set out up the creek to see what junk we could find. When we returned we had filled our boats with a couple of hundred pounds of garbage. Bill and Ruth get the prize for the most stuff in their boat, they found a construction barrel and a old car tire along with two other bags of stuff. We found enough tennis balls to supply the United States Tennis Federation for at least a years worth of matches!
When we returned I think we all felt better about ourselves with the knowledge that we had another sunny day of paddling along with helping clean up our environment.
A special thank you to all who participated! Participants: Ruth McNamara, Bill Irwin, Ron Letzin, Michelle Jablonski, Peg Warrick, Steve Tryon, Karl Pleger and myself(Charlie Helman).
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Nov 9-13

Pine Barrens - New Jersey - Photos by Bill
Seven adventurous souls decided to gamble that the weather in New Jersey would cooperate on what is turning into an annual canoe trip to the Pine Barrens. In previous years participants have seen snow, rain and cold weather, but we lucked out this year and had 3 beautiful fall days to canoe three winding rivers. Bill Irwin, Ruth McNamara, Luann Mongelli, Charlie Hellman and Jim Bird headed out Wednesday with some rain on the drive down and some thunderstorms that night. But the weather, although a little cold, cleared up when Serge Lossa and Tricia Emmanuel joined us on Thursday for the first paddle on the Oswego river.
We saw a bald eagle and had a good warm up for the next two days canoeing on the Batso River on Friday and the Mullica River on Saturday. Saturday was especially glorious with sunshine and 60 degree weather all day. The rivers were challenging, with lots of opportunity to practice steering. There were surprises around every curve. We got to play limbo under low hanging branches, dodge around floating logs, and wiggle our toes on a sandy beach. Admittedly it was a little cold Friday night (my washcloth froze solid and we lost count how many layers of clothing we had on), but all in all it was a civilized weekend with hot showers (or at least lukewarm) and dinner out all but one night. We didn't get to Atlantic City this year but the campfires were just as fun and no bugs!!
Trip leader - Bill Irwin.

November 5

Genesee River from Charlotte to the lower falls - Photos by Steve
Well, After confusing myself along with everyone else as to which day this paddle was actually going to be on I had two brave soles along with myself who decided to paddle today. We had decent weather, cloudy but almost 60 degrees with very little wind. The current was strong for this time of year and in fact when we paddled towards the falls the current was stronger than it was in the spring. We were not able to paddle all the way to the falls because of the current but we did get to within 50 yards.
After a stop to refuel and stretch our legs we paddled back to the boat launch.
It was a interesting day of paddling...we saw a variety of wildlife. Osprey and or a red tail hawk, a couple of turtles, groundhog, and some good size salmon who were teasing the fisherman. When we returned to the boat launch we were greeted by the site of the fast ferry which had returned to its moorings. As I left the Charlotte area I was delayed by the bridge opening for the cement freighter as it made its way to a delivery in Rochester.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

October 30

Halloween Paddle on the Erie Canal - Photos by Sue
Wow! Is it summer again? We had 18 boats with 20 people show up today for our annual Halloween paddle on the canal. As we were getting ready to put in we met another group of racing boats getting ready for their annual paddle (in costume).
The weather was beautiful for the end of October, sunny skies, about 60 degrees and the wind was behind us. This all added up to a wonderful day on the water.
After the paddle a large part of the group went to Luann's house for some good food and to help me celebrate my birthday. Thanks to all who participated!
- Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

October 23

Members' Day Potluck Picnic at Woodside Lodge in Black Creek Park - Photos by Nancy
57 Picnickers were happy they attended the October '05 Genessee Valley Chapter ADK Member's Day Pot Luck Picnic. The Sunday Hikers and the Pre-Picnic Hikers, who braved the wet and cold, were delighted when they arrived at the lovely Woodside Lodge that was toasty warm with a roaring fire in the fireplace.
The picnic table was set with the most marvelous goodies and dishes that anyone could think of. The stories and talk and laughter were just as plentiful! We all had fun as some nice ADK items were given away and an impromptu after-lunch hike took place to look at important work being done on the wetlands in Black Creek Park.
We had long time members, new members, potential members, GVC Executives and we were all honored to have Executive Visitors from the Onondaga Chapter!
Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this super picnic a success and thank you, Members, for coming to celebrate your part in this great club!'
- Nancy Donny, Membership Chair

October 18

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
We had 42 paddlers tonight and we paddled out into 12 foot waves........
Okay, so I lied a little bit. Besides myself....no one showed up! It was fine because I really did not feel like paddling anyway.
Next Tuesday night will be the last Tuesday night paddle of the season. In two weeks we turn the clocks back and it will be dark before we even put into the water.
I will post a note to the Yahoo group site on Monday night to confirm the paddle. .
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

October 15

Skaneateles Lake
I had three paddlers join me on my visit to Skaneateles Lake today. When we left Rochester the sun was out but as we drove east the dark clouds chased us down the highway. When we put in the lake we headed north and right into a torential downpour that lasted about 10 minutes. After that it sprinkled for the remainder of the trip to the north end before stopping. We paddled up the west side of the lake then circled the north end before returning down the east end.The water was calm and felt warm for the time of year. We pasted many huge houses and we all relized that we all chose the wrong professions since none of us could afford any of these monsters.Upon return to the boat launch we decided to take a break for lunch. After lunch the sky cleared and we enjoyed a mostly sunny sky for the remainder of the afternoon. The wind picked up and we surfed our way down the west side of the lake before turning around to fight the waves and wind on our return trip.
Just a delightful day....we had a little of everything, clouds, rain, sun,wind, flat water, waves and a very picturesque lake.
A great time was had by all participants.
Trip leaer - Charlie Helman.

October 11

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
Three people ventured out into Irondequoit Bay for a leasurly paddle. We decided to explore the coves near where two of our members either are or will be living (Nancy!) After dark we continued along the shoreline southward before turning and heading for home. .
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

October 9

Canandaigua Lake North
Two lone kayakers paddled southeast into the mist on a calm Canandaigua Lake. We enjoyed the deserted lake sharing it only with a couple of fisherman. We watched people as they winterized their docks and yards and noticed how many boats were already in the boat houses. After a few miles, the wind came up at our backs so we turned around to paddle into the newly formed waves and had fun as some white caps broke over our boats. Back at the north end, the wind was calmer and we headed west to go into the channel. We had fun paddling around the 'gigantic' Squaw Island, explored the fancy channel 'avenues' and then headed back to the take-out. On the way back, we had a fun surprise as the Canandagua Lady paddled by and we took advantage of the boat's wake. Some surfing and waving was a great way to end a very nice paddle!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Oct 7-10

Paddle trip to the Saranac Lake area of the Adirondacks - Photos by Rich, Sue and Steve
11 paddlers ended up venturing out for this Columbus holiday weekend. Fortunately, rain held off during the day while we explored the lake and tributaries, although we expereinced wind and fog for two days of paddling. Two members earned locktender status, operating the manual lock heading into Lower Saranac Lake.
Trip leaders - Bill Irwin and Gary DeWitt

October 6

Erie Canal from Lock 32 (Clover Street) - Evening Paddle
'We Three--Two kayaks and a canoe, (I sure wish I had been able to bring my canoe!!-I was jealous! It was PERFECT for it!). We ambled down the canal from Lock 32 to 'The Chompers'!! We were intrigued by a little boy who was fascinated by the light sticks on our kayaks. Mom seemed to enjoy watching us answer his 'hundred questions'. His curiosity and enthusiam were delightful. I'm still smiling! We saw a heron and a pretty slice of a moon before the clouds and rain and cold move in on us. It was wonderful to enjoy yet, another evening paddling!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

October 4

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
'We were all over the place tonight! We paddled out through the channel onto the lake. As we paddled NE into the waves, we were amazed at how many motor boats were buzzing around us. It seems that everyone was - as we were - squeezing the most out of the season by being out on the water on this most unusually warm October evening. We were amazed at how quickly the sun sank into the horizon. We all just stopped paddling to watch. Then, we became part of the parade of returning motor boats through the channel and into the bay. No one wanted this evening to end. So, after a short conference, we decided to go to the Bay Bridge and back. The wind calmed and the water became flat. Night came on and we enjoyed the paddle back as well as the ice cream (and burgers) afterwards. Sure hope we can keep these Tuesday Night Treasures going!!' .
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Oct 2

Braddock Bay
Trip Report: Six paddlers departed BBPS at about 1:00 PM - we couldn't have asked for nicer weather - warm, bright blue sky with a few clouds, and just enough wave to make it fun. We paddled out through the bay, past a tree full of cormorants, into the lake. We passed the pilings once used for the railway across the bay, then headed west for a couple of miles. We stopped at a little beach and went for a stroll through Rose Marsh to the Braddock Bay Raptor Research banding station, enjoying the various flora and fauna. After this brief hike, we returned to BBPS. A great time was had by all!! -Bob Comstock
Trip leaders - Bob Comstock and Michelle Jablonski.

Sept 27

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
We had another fun paddle out into the waves of the lake tonight. Beautiful sunset, no powerboats and no trouble with anyone or anything....pretty uneventful evening except for a great paddle and great sunset. We had eight paddlers this evening.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sept 25

Hemlock Lake
This questionable thunderstormy morning cleared out just in time for the 'Fabulous Four Kayakers' who ventured out across the lake in waves that were higher than our boats. We braved the white caps breaking over our boats and the winds and sprays in our faces. Once across the lake, the wind died down behind the points and we had a pleasant paddle heading south. Our curiosity about what was beyond the next point kept us going until there were no more points and big huge waves! We headed back across the lake -- exciting but fun -- and let the wind carry us back to the boat launch. We all felt that we had arrived back too soon and with too little work but that didn't stop us from feeling that we had earned our ICE CREAM!!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Sept 24

PTFL - Cayuga Lake South - Photos by Jennifer
The "Grand Finale" of the Paddle Tour of the Finger Lakes.
Trip leader - Jennifer Pivovar.

Sept 24

West River from Canandaigua Lake - Photos by Nancy and Steve
We had a total of 14 people split into a good mix of kayaks and canoes head out towards the West River and hopefully into Middlesex. Unfortunately the path we chose was the right had fork and after a short while we found out the it might be easier getting out and walking rather than paddling since the water was VERY low. We decided to turn around and ended up paddling up the west side of Canandaigua Lake before crossing over and paddling back down the east side of the lake. We had absolutely perfect weather, sunshine...not a cloud in the sky and fairly warm temperatures. There was basically no power boat traffic and only a slight wind so we had perfect conditions all day. After returning to the boat launch some of us hiked our way into Naples for the Grape Festival, dinner and some grape pies!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sept 22

Erie Canal from Lock 32 (Clover Street) - Evening Paddle
Four kayaks eased out onto the canal and paddled through Pittsford Village. It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed friendly waves from walkers and joggers and bikers. We were 'buzzed' by a hawk and bats and ducks and geese and even a heron. We got back after dark - and then...Ice Cream!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Sept 20

TATB - Tuesday At The Beach with Charlie
We started out with four paddlers who decided to go out into 2-3 foot waves on the lake. The winds and waves were coming from the northwest so that is the way we started out. We paddled approximately one to 1.5 miles out which took us about 35 to 40 minutes. We then decided to turn around so we would not be on the lake after dark. Well, with the wind and the waves we flew back and covered the return trip in about 15 to 20 minutes.
We then paddled into the bay where we were joined by a few more paddlers and we lazily paddled around the north end not wanting to go in before dark. We were greated by a surprise that we did not count on.....A visit from the local Sherriff's boat! The officer did not like the way one paddler kept on rolling his boat so he made a point to tell us that most of us were not in compliance with proper lighting/visability rules. We returned to shore with a new name for our Tuesday night paddle group. We will now be known as the Tuesday night hoodlems..
I am in the process of contacting the Monroe County Sherriff's office to see what lighting they require since it is different from what the Coast Guard has told us is okay. I will let everyone know the results ASAP.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sept 17

Canadice Lake Moonlight Paddle - Photos by Nancy and Steve
Tonight's paddle was like being in a wonderful dream. Even though we were expecting it, the Moon surprised us by 'popping up' over the top of the hill. None of us could paddle for a time as we fell into awed silence just floating there watching it rise. That seemed to set the pace for the for the rest of the paddle.
In a tandem canoe, a solo canoe and kayaks, new paddlers, new to the club paddlers and the regular paddlers followed the west side of the lake, watching the Moon in the east and chatting and laughing.
<== The "Moon Cake"
At one point, we were surprised by a flock of geese that flew up as we went by. Sorry Geese...we didn't see you. We were looking at the Moon. It was almost like paddling in the daytime. We could see all around us and the Lake was a mirror of the trees, the sky and the Moon. Oh Boy! What a night!!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Sept 15

Erie Canal from Ayrault Road - Evening Paddle - Photos by Steve and Nancy
What a lovely way to finish out the season. We put in the three kayaks and one tandem canoe on a warm and sunny evening. We paddled down past Fairport to the Turk Hill Road bridge and back. As we paddled back, the sun set and we paddled on into the dark under a bright rising moon. Everyone had appropriately dim lights so we could enjoy the evening without being blinded.
Ice cream afterward, of course. (We really didn't want to stop for ice cream, but as membership chair, Nancy insisted that we set a good example for the rest of the club.) Map
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

Sept 13

TATB - Tuesday At The Beach with Charlie
We had ten people head out from Seabreeze on a perfect night for paddling. we headed out in to the lake with a group of seasoned paddlers who were in the mood to head north. We paddled out in to the lake approximately 1 to 1.5 miles off shore before heading west into the awesome sunset. We then headed towards shore before heading for home and Ice Cream!
It is getting dark earlier each week....lighting is a must on these paddles.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sept 11

Otisco Lake - Photos by Nancy
We had five paddlers that made the trek to the furthest east fingerlake, Otisco Lake today on a incredible day. Plenty of sunshine and temperatures that made it seem like summer instead of mid-September.
Otisco Lake is broken up into two sections with the northern section being the larger section. We paddled the entire circumfrence of the northern section, the water was clear and warm for the time of year. We had lots of bird activity including a Osprey following us overhead for awhile.
Later in the afternoon we took a break and then paddled the circumfrence of the southern section. This section was very shallow and the water was very cloudy but we were able to enjoy the paddle and investigate the large carp population....or maybe they were investigation us!
We all marveled at the elevation of the access road that took us to the put in point. From the southern end of the lake we were able to see Onondaga and Onieda Lakes and thankfully everyones breaks worked great on the way down.
This paddle turned out to be the longest paddle that some of the participants have ever done. Everyone survived and seemed to enjoy themselves.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sept 9-11

Fulton Chain - First Lake through Forth Lake - Photos by Rich
The weather was absolutely perfect for our trip -- cool enough for great sleeping and warm enough to find us in shorts during the day.
The logistics for Friday night's stay at a local campground worked out great. If another trip is in need of a first-night-campground location, our group recommends the Old Forge Camp Resort located on Rt. 28 just down the road from the Water Safari/Enchanted Forest in Old Forge. It is a large campground, but the sites are well wooded and rustic and the staff is welcoming and helpful.
Lydia D'Amato, Joan Frazier, and I arrived with our 3 little Hornbeck canoes on top of my car, to find that Rich Drescher, with his solo canoe, and Jessica Salo, with her kayak, had already arrived at the campground. Pat Power and her kayak arrived later in the evening after a busy day at home. The next morning we joined 2 more of our paddlers, Deb Holt and Kathy Krenzer, both prepared to paddle their kayaks, at the Old Forge Visitor Center, our put-in for the trip.
The morning welcomed us with sunshine and warmth for our leisurely paddle from First Lake to Alger Island on Fourth Lake. Though it was after Labor Day, many of the campsites on Alger Island were taken - only 3 out of 15 remained. After circling the island we found the one that we wanted, located out of view of the other campsites and with a good position for watching the sunset. The site was great with a nice lean-to, an excellent privy (one of the best I have used), 2 picnic tables, and a dock! After making our home at the lean-to and having lunch, 5 of the group decided to do a day paddle and explored the remaining part of Fourth Lake and Fifth Lake to the portage that, just the previous day, had seen hundreds of paddlers pass over it for the Adirondack Canoe Classic race.
A beautiful sunset and dinner ended our day and we looked forward to a long, deep sleep. But wait, that was not to be had -- a nearby campsite was full of partiers, the music from the bar in Inlet drifted over to the island, and at 3:30 am 3 drunk boaters sat just off our shoreline and argued for 1.5 hours on whether they should continue boating or drop anchor for the night since the fog was so thick that they couldn't see where they were going. One of their party insisted that he was going to swim to shore and walk to Inlet because he didn¿t want to spend the night cold in the boat! The other 2, being the rational ones, decided that they were going to stay put. Finally, all quieted down and we drifted back off to sleep.
The weather was great, the paddle was interesting as we passed by many Adirondack cottages and homes, the campsite was comfortable, and the leaves were just starting to turn. A wonderful trip and I recommend others doing it later in the fall, after the cool air has discouraged the party-ing types from being in the out-of-doors. -- Barb Brenner
Trip leaders - Barb Brenner and Lydia D'Amato.

Sept 8

Erie Canal from Lock 32 (Clover Street) - Evening Paddle - Photos by Nancy and Steve
Well Folks-This is what Thursday Night Evening Paddles are allllllll about! Two kayaks and a solo canoe being paddled lazily down the Erie Canal from Lock 32 into the Village of Pittsford. This laid-back paddle on a beautiful evening had its exciting moment when a train crossed the canal just as we approached the bridge. It was neat! Good conversation, pleasant company and Easy Paddlin' - with Ice Cream on top!!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Sept 6

TATB - Tuesday At The Beach with Charlie
Well it was another beautiful night for paddling. We started our paddle from the new put in point in the Seabreeze boat launch parking lot and headed out into the lake. We started heading east and then headed north out into fairly calm waters. After a while we turned west into a awesome sunset and as we turned to head we observed a freighter heading west past Rochester. We were not sure but it might have been the cement freighter that travels between Rochester and Toronto. We returned just as dusk set in and headed for our beloved ice cream.....
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sept 4

Canandaigua Lake - Photos by Nancy and Cheri
What a perfect day! The clouds, the water, the wind, the waves all made 11 happy paddlers enjoy spectacular Canandaigua Lake.
The easy pace and the relaxed chit-chat made for the closest to a perfect paddle as one could hope for--all topped off with a lunch to talk about what a great time we had!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

Sept 3

Braddock Bay / Buttonwood Creek
A total of 14 boats made our way through meandering Buttonwood Creek on a beautiful Saturday morning. Fish, turtles, and various species of birds were spotted in, on, and below the water. This trip was a combined effort, with ADK and Braddock Bay Paddlesports. After paddling Buttonwood Creek, the 5 ADK'ers ventured out into the bay, then onto Lake Ontario for a brief taste of 1-2 foot waves. A good time was had by all!
Trip leader - Bob Comstock.

Sept 1

Salmon Creek - Evening Paddle
We paddled with 9 boats/10 people - one Canoe. After all arrived, and with unanimous approval, we decided to paddle Salmon Creek out into the Bay. The water was flat, with very calm wind. Along the way, we encountered a group (4) of teenagers who had capsized their canoe - something about a mouse<?>. After rendering assistance to the group and getting them on their way, we had a very enjoyable paddle out into the bay, enjoying a beautiful sunset on the return trip.
Trip leader - Bob Comstock.

August 30

TATB - Tuesday At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Steve
Upon arrival at Durand Beach we observed a continuous roll of waves so the eight people who had shown up made the trek over to the bay. We put in at the north end and decided to investigate the lake. To our supprise the lake had calmed down by the time we got there and we were able to paddle a couple of miles towards Webster before turning around and heading for home and our beloved ice cream! Note: starting next week we will meet at the Seabreeze put in point at 6 pm. Coast Guard approved lighting is mandatory.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Aug 26-28

Ithaca Parks - Photos by Nancy
Additional pictures by Michelle
I had a total of 10 people join me on my annual trek to Ithaca and the essence of what the ADK is a part of. We paddled out into Cayuga Lake on Friday afternoon after setting up our camp in Taughannock Falls State Park. After a approximate eight mile paddle we returned to camp and had our first of what turned out to be many feasts over the weekend. Beautiful weather and a clear night ended with a enormous display of stars and the moon.
On Saturday we headed down to Robert Treman State Park for the hike of many stairs......it was a four to five mile hike up and down the gorge. After lunch we headed to Alan Treman State Park for a paddle up Six Mile Creek before returning for another feast. Saturday night after we went to sleep they got a few hours of rain which was the first rain they have had in two months.
Sunday, a number of people headed home but Five of us stayed and hiked up the rim trail at Taughannock Falls State Park....again a lot of stairs both up and down.
Because of the lack of rain both Buttermilk and Taughannock Falls were completely dry...no waterfalls. According to the park people it is the first time in over 35 years that they have had such a lack of water.
I think everyone that participated had fun. It is a good mix of camping, hiking and paddling....oh ....and lots of FOOD!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

August 25

Irondequoit Bay - Evening Paddle - Photos by Steve
The Bay was glassy smooth, a good day for beginner paddler (and others) to venture out. We had four paddlers in five boats--I had son Rob in tow behind me. For me, at least, the highlight of the evening was watching the bright yellow glow of the sunset. As we turned to head back, we could see the glow reflected in the eastern sky.
It was quite a different paddle from Tuesday.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

August 23

TATB - Tuesday (waves) At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Cheri
Surfs up! Well after going the whole summer with extremely calm water on Tuesday nights we had a night of surfing. We had 21 boats enter the beach and head west into a brisk wind and surf. The waves were probably around two foot but they were constant. The hardest challenge for most of us was getting into the water and putting our skirts on. Once in the water we pounded into the waves before surfing back to the beach and our well earned ice cream!
See Dave roll. Roll, Dave, roll. (1.6mb avi)
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

August 20

Sodus Bay to Lake Ontario - Photos by Nancy and Cheri
Nine paddlers ventured out to East Bay and decided not to shoot through the rocky channel in rough surf to Lake Ontario. Instead we drove to Sodus Point and paddled through a clear, choppy channel into 3-5 foot rolling Lake Ontario. After about an hour of frollicking on the waves and popping up and down out of sight, we headed back to Sodus Bay for a water fight and ice cream. All survived to tell about it!
Trip leaders - Val Rice and Bob Comstock.

August 18

Genesee River from Black Creek - Evening Paddle - Photos by Steve
It was a perfect evening for a lazy paddle on the Genesee, which is just what the four of us did.
The Genesee River has many moods. This evening it was as lazy as we.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

August 16

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Nancy
Well we had probably the best weather conditions for a paddle tonight.....very little wind, 75 to 80 degrees and perectly clear skies. we had another flotilla of twenty boats and twenty-one people, one tandem (the sixth time this year over twenty people!)
We paddled towards Webster to start and then returned to the beach area where some people just hung out at the beach while other headed for home.
A second group decided to investigate a fire along the beach before heading for home and another trip for ice cream.......it is a rough job, but someone has to sample all the flavors!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

August 13

Canadice Lake Starlight Paddle - Photos by Nancy and Cheri
What a great paddle! The young and the young at heart shared Canadice Lake with the hope that the clouds would part and we would get a look at some shooting stars. We started heading south along the east shore watching the birds and seeing the fish jump. At the south end of the lake, we asked the clouds to move along and as we paddled north on the west side, evening set in and we began to see some clear patches.
Arriving at the north end, we just hung around enjoying the perfect evening and lo and behold, the sky opened right up and we were pointing at stars and enjoying a pretty half moon. Watching for shooting stars (OK-SO THERE WEREN'T SO MANY!), we had fun playing with a light stick, tossing it from boat to boat. We headed back and as we got to the boat launch, we noticed that the clouds had taken over the sky again. What a perfect night!
Trip leaders - Bob Comstock and Nancy Donny.

August 11

Mendon Ponds Make-up - Evening Paddle - Photos by Nancy
Two Meanderers played 'Find The Way Through The Maze' of weeds on the Big Pond at Mendon Ponds Park. It was a relaxing 'Easy Paddle' but it was missing the beginner paddlers that it was designed for. Hey - where are you guys!?! :)
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

August 9

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Nancy
We had at least 20 boats for the fifth time this summer for a wonderful night of paddling. We started out heading west towards the river. Once at the mouth we split into two groups, one group that paddled up the river to the O'Rourke bridge before returning to the beach and the second group who headed back to the beach to practice wet exit rescues or headed home early. Afterward we did the usual trip for ice cream.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

August 6

Lake Ontario Evening Paddle and Picnic - Photos by Nancy
Trip leader - Luann Mongelli.

August 4

Genesee River from Charlotte - Evening Paddle - Photos by Nancy
This week's Thursday paddle was the Genesee River from Charlotte.
Five of us in four kayaks and a canoe put in at Charlotte on a hot and muggy evening. The breeze in our faces was wonderful as we paddled upstream. Nancy Donny took lots pictures. Madison leaned back flatter on the back deck of her kayak than I thought possible, as papa towed her along.
Ice cream afterward, of course.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon

August 2

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Nancy
We had 11 boats and 12 people ( 1 tandem boat) for what looked like a wet night. We headed to the east which was away from the cloud formations. We made the turn to head for home and the wind picked up alittle which made for a fun paddle. As we hit the beach the cloud cover cleared out and we witnessed a awesome sunset.
Another great night on the water!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

July 30

Waneta and Lamoka Lakes - Photos by Nancy
Waneta & Lamoka Lakes are two small lakes located approximately 4 miles to the southeast of Keuka Lake.
We had six boats show up for what turned out to be a beautiful day. We started the day by circling Waneta Lake. This lake is lined with privately owned cottages and a fairly large Boy Scout camp named Camp Gordon. The water was very warm and calm.
After portaging over to Lamoka Lake we paddled the entire length and back of both this lake and a connecting pond to the south. This was interesting due to the changes in the sceanary and the type of water. It started out flat water, changed almost to a river paddle and then back to flat water again. Lamoka was definitely th more picturesque of the two lakes with the added higher hillsides surrounding the lake. The return trip was a little choppy with all the boat and jet ski traffic but still quite enjoyable, especially when we were buzzed by an fairly large osprey.
We feel that next time we should start at the south end of Lamoka where some further investigating is warranted.
A fun time was had by all!
Trip leaders - Charlie Helman and Nancy Donny.

July 28

Erie Canal from GWC westward [directions] - Evening Paddle
Five of us put in at the Genesee Waterways center and ventured west on the Erie Canal for the simple reason that the trip leader had never paddled that stretch. Paddling the canal, especially through and around cities and towns, is a fascinating historical tour, and a rather different perspective on the city. We paddled a tree-line corridor of old moorings and unloading points (and lots of bridges) all the while no more than about a hundred yards from I390.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

July 26

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
We had 9 boats/10 people show up on a very threatening evening. As we gathered in the parking lot we witnessed a "Miami Vice" episode unravel out on the water complete with two Coast Guard boats and a Cheriff's boat as well as the mystery boat.
While this was happening mother nature displayed her power of thunder and lightning which forced us chickens to head for Bill Grey's for dinner and ice cream and talk about paddling stuff... We lived to paddle another day!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

July 21

Genesee River and Red Creek - Evening Paddle
Nine of us put in at Genesee Valley Waterways center, headed down the canal and then up Red Creek through the Genesee Valley Golf Course. Red Creek is still passable to just past Crittenden Road and it's a pretty paddle, but the water is just about stagnant so I'd advise waiting until Spring to do this one again. OF course, to keep with tradition, we enjoyed Abbot's ice cream afterwords.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick.

July 19

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
We had 15 boats but 17 people (two tandems) tonight for a nice paddle into the westerly wind and waves. We then turned up the river and headed for the O'Rourke Bridge.
Along the way we tried to interact with the patrons of one of the local eating establishments along the river.....some people just do not have a sense of humor.
We then turned back and headed up river before surfing our way back to Durand Beach.
As we loaded our boats we were treated to a wonderful sunset, then it was off for ice cream!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

July 17

Honeoye Lake
I had a total of five paddlers today for a wonderful paddle on Honeoye lake. The weather cooperated and we never saw any rain. The five of us completed a circum-navigation of the entire lake, approximately 10 miles. The first time at that distance for a number of people.
Overall a great time was had by all participants.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

July 14

Mendon Ponds - Evening Paddle
Four brave paddlers tiptoed through the goose poo to embark on a placid 100 Acres Pond in Mendon Ponds Park for the Thursday Night Easy Paddle. Two solo canoes and two kayaks ventured out under darkening storm skies with the goal of passing through the culvert to paddle Deep Pond. The culvert proved to be a slight challenge with the low water level but the fab four were rewarded for their efforts by a lovely, but short, paddle around a pretty little pond. Our leader proved to be not so fearless as she 'called the game' due to ominous storm clouds. Our return and visit to the ice cream shop was well timed as a lightening and hail storm pounded the ponds as we enjoyed our cool rewards. We smiled as we climbed into our cars to go because we knew that the rain was washing the goose poo off of our boats!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny.

July 12

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
Another hot steamy night in Rochester....what to do? Why join the ADK'rs at the beach for a paddle and a hope to get wet to cool off! We had 17 boats tonight and since we usually either paddle to the east or west I brought it up for a vote tonight and we decided to go NORTH out into the lake.
The lake was calm and we paddled out quite a way....since I do not have a GPS I have to guess...and I think it was somewhere between two and two and a half miles out. we then returned to the beach area where some of us proceeded to find ways to get ourselves wet.....of course Karen provided some water to the people who where not paying attention. Dont worry Karen we dont get mad...we get even!
It was another great evening of paddling and it was finished off at Bill Grey's for burgers and ice cream.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 7

Erie Canal from Ayrault Road - Evening Paddle
Six of us had a lovely paddle on the canal from Ayrault Road to Fairport and back, followed by ice cream sundaes on the lawn at the boat launch. Steve and Peg managed to cut around the oxbow on the way back, but the water was too shallow for the rest. Seems it won't be long before the northeast passageway is completely closed.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

July 5

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie
We had nine boats head out into a beautifully calm lake. The weather called for a 70% chance of Thunderstorms but the only thunder we saw came from our paddles as we paddled from Durand Beach to the west and just about all the way to Russell Station before returning to Durand Beach.
We then got dizzy watching Ann do a series of Eskimo Rolls and a laugh as we bet Jim he could not stand up in his boat out in the lake.....
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

June 30

Erie Canal - Clover Street to Pittsford - Evening Paddle
Five paddlers in four kayaks and a canoe had a pleasant evening paddle from the Pittsford Crew Club down past Pittsford and back. The various wimperings as we paddled past Schoen Place were assuaged with ice cream at the conclusion of the paddle.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

June 30

Wautoma Beach to the Braddock Bay Lighthouse - Map to Dave's houe
Ten of us put in at Dave K's house and paddled east, around Lighthouse Point. Water was a little choppy, with the occasional whitecap - just enought to be interesting. We put ashore on a sandy beach where we were greeted by a Golden Retriever who swam out to meet us. After a brief rest, we launched and made our way back to Dave's house, riding the waves on the way. The water was much calmer on the return trip. A couple of us practiced wet exits and decided to walk a ways... A good time was had by all!
Trip leader - Bob Comstock.

June 25

Lake Ontario from Webster Park - Pictures
Was the start of a beautiful day at Webster Park. Gordon, Val, Marshal and Phil Pulumbo took off and headed west to the bay. The water was just the right temp and there were rolling waves to flat water. We got with in shouting distance and turned around due to time restraints. On the way back we ran into Karl and he showed us the new house on the Lake he was building, should be done by Sept. Everyone had a great time and I hope to get back to Webster again soon.
Trip leader - Gordon Levine.

June 23

Buttonwood Creek Evening Paddle
Nine of us (seven kayaks and two canoes) put in at Braddock Bay Marina on a very nice quiet night. We paddled up Buttonwood Creek until it was so narrow that Bob warned "we better head back now or we'll be backing out". Half way back we met up with the group from Braddock Bay Paddlesports, making the 20 or so of us quite a pack in the creek.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick.

June 21

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Cheri
Participants: I thought last week was a record when we had 20 participants, well this week we topped that number by FOUR....a total of 24 boats.....if this keeps up I might have to file for a park permit with the county! Everyone had fun paddling out into the lake towards the river in a slightly choppy lake but we were able to do a little surfing on the way home.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

June 18,19

Salmon River Reservoir
Five paddlers enjoyed this introduction to canoe/kayak camping weekend. Although overcast, we were spared from any rain through the weekend. Cool weather and a breeze made for a bug and sweat free weekend of paddling. A successful event for all that participated.
Trip leader - Gary DeWitt.

June 16

Irondequoit Creek from the Bay - Evening Paddle - Pictures
Four of us, in three kayaks and a canoe, had a lovely, gray, rainy paddle on Irondequoit Creek. Due to a no-show, I was paddling my Stowe tandem Canadian style, which works fine but is not fast. Fortunately, we had one new paddler, and the others were in no hurry. The cloud display was impressive as the rain ended. We had cake and ice cream afterwards (thanks, Corky!) to celebrate my double-nickel birthday.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

June 14

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie - Photos by Sally
The Tuesday night paddles are getting more and more popular. Starting back in May I had a few nights with only a few die hard paddlers, maybe three other boats beside my own. But over the last four weeks we have had 11,13,14 and tonight 20 people respectively. It is quite spectactular looking down the beach at the assortment of boats we have!
The last three weeks we have paddled out into the lake from Seabreeze towards Webster and back; From Durand beach heading west to the river,up the river past the Fast Ferry and then back to Durand and tonight from Durand out east past the Bay outlet then out west into the lake before returning to Durand Beach. Each of the last three weeks we have had extremely flat water and very nice sunsets.
I think I have had at least one new person paddle with us every week since I started the Tuesday night paddles this year. Some of these people are already ADK members and some have shown interest now that they have joined the paddles. The abilities of the new people have been from novice to extremely advanced. ( We found a paddle partner for Mark R. on his Wednesday night paddles!)
I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves and for those of you who have not joined us yet......what are you waiting for .....before you know it summer will be over!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

June 11

Outdoor Expo 2005 - Mendon Ponds - Photos by Cheri
Beach coordinator - Charlie Helman.

June 5

Oak Orchard Creek - Photos by Cheri
Trip leader - Dick Metcalf.

June 4

Genesee River from Charlotte to the Falls - Photos by Cheri, Charlie and Karola
Trip leaders - Sue Green and Cheri Lewis

May 31

Tuesday at the Beach - Photos by Sally
Trip leader - Dick Metcalf.

May 26

Black Creek from the Genesee - Photos by Karola and Steve
It was a perfectly beautiful evening for a paddle.
Trip leader - Karola Jones.

May 22

Black Creek East from the Churchvill Dam - Photos by Karola and Cheri
Trip leader - Don Welch.

May 21

Howland Island - Photos by Karola, Cheri and John
13 paddlers enjoyed a pleasant day of paddling the Seneca River and Barge Canal around Howland Island.
Trip leader - Gary DeWitt.

May 19

Braddock Bay to West Creek
Four kayakers paddled up West Creek on a cool, breezy evening. We saw a couple of swans guarding their 'turf' and a red-tailed hawk. On return from West Creek, we browsed around a couple of coves, and saw quite a few fish jumping, along with a lot of air bubbles - turtles? A good time was had by all...
- Bob Comstock
Trip leader - Bob Comstock.

May 14

Canadice Lake - Photos by Sally
Says Nancy -- Four Kayaks(one tandem) and two canoes bravely set out in a moderate wind to cross the lake and head into the wind. As we began our trek to the south end of the lake, we observed two latecomers (one canoe and one kayak) shoving off from the boat launch. We all were working quite hard yet managed to have great conversations and lots of laughs. (Mostly about how easy the ride back would be - unless the wind changed! Been there?). We stopped to explore a swamp and enjoyed our windless find as our hard working latecomers caught up. We relished the wind at our backs as we headed north again, looking for a nice picnic spot. We discovered a rocky little beach jutting out into the lake and enjoyed each other's company as we snacked. We had the lake mostly to ourselves except for swallows and swans and geese. Getting back, we loaded our boats and stopped to chat and promised each other to do it again soon!
Trip leaders - Bob Comstock and Nancy Donny.

May 7

Genesee River: Belvedere to the North - Pictures
Says Karola -- We had a great time! Saw an imature eagle at less than 50 yards. Ospery and upclose encounter with a Turkey vulture taking a lunch break. Perfect weather! Thanks Don!
Trip leader - Don Welch.

April 30

Irondequoit Creek at Panorama Plaza - Pictures
(Steve' pictures on the water -- water on the lens and all -- and Gordon taking attendance from the Browncroft Boulevard bridge.)
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

April 17

Black Creek from Churchville Park - Pictures
Trip leader - Luann Mongelli.

April 16

Genesee River to Red Creek - Pictures
A picture perfect day! Bright sunshine and temperatures in the 60¿s greeted 12 eager paddlers at the dock of Genesee Waterways Center. We had 10 kayaks , one canoe and a total of 12 people for the first paddle of the season. We took a nice leisurely paddle down Red Creek. On the way back we stopped in Genesee Valley Park to eat a bite and watch a couple of teams of ultimate Frisbee players compete in a match on the field. A very entertaining display and enjoyable to watch as we ate our snack. We decided to head upriver on the Genesee. The current was strong and it felt like we were paddling hard and making very little progress. We stopped for a break and could hear the police target shooting near the river. We all felt like sitting ducks even though they weren¿t shooting anywhere near the river. The trip back to the dock was effortless. The current pushed us all the way and all we had to do was steer the boats. Thanks to all for making this a wonderful first trip. Looking forward to many more this season. - Sue Green
Trip leaders - Sue Green and Cheri Lewis.

January 15

Winter Party - Pictures
Hosted by Karola.

Jan 1, 2005

Irondequoit Creek
Steve and I made the first official paddle of the 2005 season on Saturday. We ventured out into the south end of Irondequoit Bay and paddled about half way up towards the bay bridge until we came accross solid ice since we did not bring our ice breaking gear or our ice skates we paddled around the south end for awhile before we turned around and paddled up the creek to the weir area. There was quite a strong current flowing threw the weir and neither of us felt brave enough to try to navigate our fiberglass boats without causing damage so we turned and headed for home.
It was a nice start to the season on a mild day in January!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.