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October 21

The Falls in Fall - PTFL
Starting at Smith Park on the East side of Seneca Lake were Group one participants, working on the PTFL challange. Many mini falls were sighted along the way thanks to the rain the day before our trip. At the five mile mark we met group two and all paddled up the inlet to see Hector Falls. A few people tried to get their boats closer to the falls but he current was too much for them. We all dressed for the weather, cool & 50ish,with the usual Seneca Lake winds. Most of us enjoyed a delicious dinner in Watkins Glen before the trip home.
Trip Description: Falls in the Fall. Two Groups one a PTFL segment leaving from Smith Park and Group two starting from Watkins Glen. Groups meeting at Hector Falls and returning to Watkins Glen.
Trip leader - Karen Pakulski

October 21

Genesee River from Charlotte

We had one of the biggest groups of people of any of my trips so far this year today for a paddle up the Genesee River towards downtown and the lower falls. With the amount of rain we have had, the group of 14 people had to struggle up the river especially once we paddled past the Route 104 bridge. People would be paddling quite hard but it seemed like you were not moving. After three hours the last boat finally set down on the island for our lunch break. Along the way we were able to observe the concrete freighter travel up the river to its mooring at turning point park area, the O'Rourke bridge open,many birds and fish jumping everywhere. After lunch we paddled back to the boat launch in about an hour....I believe we all enjoyed ourselves and the sense of acomplishment by completing the paddle under such high water conditions.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

October 16

Daytrippers on Black Creek - Photos by Peg

Trip leader - Dan Wilson.

October 9

Daytrippers on Hemlock Lake - Photos by Rebecca

As Mary Poppins would say, we had a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALDOCUS day - a perfect 10! Hemlock Lake was calm, the day sunny and warm with a gentle breeze against the back drop of beautiful fall colors. Early in the trip we watched a bald eagle magestically perched on a tree top. We saw two loons diving in and out of water calling to each other. We had "The Black Pearl" canoe amidst the group. After a very peaceful, scenic paddle, several in the group decided to continue down the lake while a few of us headed back on the opposite shore.
On the way back we saw an unusual small brown animal paddling in the lake. Upon closer inspection, it was a chipmunk - yes, I know it it hard to believe, but it was a chipmunk. How he landed in the lake, we will never know. He was swimming very hard "in the wrong direction," and looking tired. We formed a coral of kayaks and canoe around him nudging him back to shore ready to scoop him up in one of our paddles with any sign that he may "go under." Fortunately he made it back and scampered away into the forest. A great day was had by all!
Trip leader - Dan Wilson.

October 7

North end of Canandaigua Lake - PTFL
Cool light winds and calm waters, plus the bright sunshine were with us all day. Six paddlers left Kershaw Park about 9:30 AM heading up the West side of the lake with a light breeze in our face. We stopped for lunch just South of the Wegman cottage and then across to the East side. Heading North we found the wind shifting and it was still in our faces. We arrived back at Kershaw Park about 2:30 PM having completed 15.5 miles with an average speed of 3.9mph.
Trip leader - Karen Pakulski

October 7

Saturday morning paddles
Peg, Becky and Joanna had a very nice paddle into the Bay at 8AM Saturday. We paddled out through an amazing number of swans, and then out into the quiet bay. We didn't see another boat until after 9:00. As with the other trips this weekend, the weather couldn't have been better.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick

October 6-9

Lower Saranac Exploratory - Photos by Ron, Rich, and Bill

Seven paddlers left Rochester on Friday 10/6 with 4 kayaks and 2 canoes. The sun was shining when we put in at First Pond right off Rte 3. Because the weather was expected to be good, the campsites on Lower Saranac Lake were pretty full but we managed to find a nice one and proceeded to unload all the stuff we had brought (It was good that we had two canoes along because I'm not sure we could have fit everything in the kayaks -- although I was impressed with how much Luann was able to fit in hers). We settled on to the site and were fixing dinner when I decided to test the water temperature-it was good that I had brought along an extra set of clothes and the water was not as cold as I thought it would be. (A little safety tip for all you ADK'rs-Don't try to fill up a pan with water while standing on slippery rock) We were treated to a lovely moon-rise that evening. Not only did we get really good weather but we managed to pick the weekend of the full moon. We hardly needed headlamps at all to get around camp at night.
We awoke Saturday to a lovely mist on the water that gave way to another glorious autumn day. We decided to paddle to the Lock between Lower and Middle Saranac. We enjoyed lunch and the guys enjoyed working the locks. We met some other people there from Rochester who actually knew where Albion was.

That evening we watched a seagull convention -- I'm not sure what they were doing out on the lake but there sure was a lot of them squawking. We enjoyed campfire talk and hit the tents when the temperature dropped.
Sunday we paddled up Fish Creek. Unfortunately we didn't get too far because we reached a fairly shallow spot. Bill was all for carrying the boats to look for deeper water because this was an exploratory trip after all - but we were satisfied to head back and explore the less challenging water on Ampersand Bay. We ran into some paddlers in old Adirondack guide boats as well as some fellow ADK'rs . We checked out some of the high-end real estate along that part of the lake. Unless one of us hits the lottery, I think we'll be sticking to tents.
Monday we took our time packing up and paddling out, enjoying the last bit of the wonderful weather and beautiful fall colors. On the way out, we saw some younger folk jumping off 50 foot cliffs into the water. (I could have told them the water was cold but they probably wanted to find out for themselves- they at least were wearing appropriate swimwear)
All in all it was a great trip on a lovely lake with excellent company.
Trip leader - Bill Irwin.

Sept 30

West River - Canandaigua Lake Inlet - Photos by Rebecca and Joan

With a combination of GVC members and three Buffalo members we paddled up West River to the old railroad bridge before breaking for lunch. Along the way we were able to see the colors of the trees as they approach peak(probably a week or two away. After lunch we voted on which route to take and we decided on a branch that is not paddled much. We then paddled up the Naples Creek fork of the river which in the past has been un-navigatable but due to the rain we have had we were able to paddle quite far towards Naples. We saw our usual compliment of wild life, heron, kingfisher, Canandian Geese, ducks. We were also visited by the phantom kayaker . . . a boat moving along without a paddler . . . hopefully someone took a picture that will make it to the web site for your viewing pleasure. another fun day on the water!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

Sept 22-24

Bog River and Low's Lake - Photos by Steve

The rain began to fall Saturday night as we car-camped at Horseshoe Lake.
The four of us – in one kayak, two Hornbecks, and one big Curtis – launched from the lower Bog River dam on a grey Saturday morning. The rain continued on and off all day, but it was still a lovely day to be out. An increasingly strong west wind kept us close to the shore for such shelter as we could get – Steve was lead paddler in his Curtis, which has a lot of sail area. The ranger told us the forecast was calling for even more wind on Sunday, so we were happy to find a campsite on the east side of a ridge. The rain finally let up; we set up camp and had dinner with only a sprinkle. And, since we had had several late cancellations, the four of us were forced to make do with brownies prepared for eight. Life is hard sometimes.
That night we could hear the wind howling overhead but the tents hardly rustled. The heavy rain visited us a few times then moved out of the area. Sunday morning we broke camp under grey skies with a hint of blue. After a brief sprinkle the clouds gradually broke, letting us see the early fall color in splashes of sunshine.
The wind at our backs continued to increase. (The roughly six hour paddle in took about half that going out.) By time we finished our lunch at the upper dam portage, the weather could best be described as "white caps with higher gusts". Hats and boat covers were secured with some difficulty. One paddle went off into the water but, fortunately, no paddlers. The boats all developed strong minds of their own, particularly Steve's big Curtis. Control got to be rather a contest of wills. At times we gave up on paddling and just held the paddles to the stern as tillers. Then we would round a bend and be in calm water for a short stretch as the wind roared overhead. It was, shall we say, an interesting ride; but a very pretty one, too, as the skies continued to clear.
As we drove out, Steve and Pat discovered that J-Racks do not get along well with strong, gusting crosswinds. Out came the extra straps for reenforcements and we continued on our way, none the worse for the wear.
We'll have to do this again sometime soon.
Trip leaders Barb Brenner and Steve Tryon.

Sept 23

Hemlock Lake
We had a total of eight paddlers between the group from Braddocks Bay Paddleports and ourselves brave what looked like a horrible day. Fortunately other than a few sprinkles the weather was fine. We were entertained on our 5 to 6 mile paddle by a abundance of wildlife, osprey, red tail hawk, two different types of heron, kingfisher, and the mother load . . . two adult bald eagles and a young offsping, a one or two year old eagle that has still to get its distinctive white head.Then as we approached the take out we were surprised by the calls and then the site of a loon which I have never seen on Hemlock before! We also paddled over quite a few large fish who were eluding the few fishermen that were out . . . overall a wonderful paddle.
Trip leaders - Charlie Helman

Sept 19

Tuesday at the Beach
The launch was a little tricky with some crashing waves slowing us down but once in the water we paddled out to the northwest and some oncoming one to two foot waves. We made it to the mouth of the river before having to turn around due to the impending darkness. As we returned we enjoyed some surfing all the way back to Durand. Just as we approached the take out point we were almost surprised by two rouge waves that came crashing down on us unexpectedly. Overall, another enjoyable evening.
Trip leaders - Charlie and Mark

Sept 17

Buck Pond - Day Trippers - Photos by Pat

The Daytrippers had a great day to paddle on Sunday, Sept 17th. We paddled through Buck Pond, the inlets as far as we could go, and then out to Lake Ontario. A great day was enjoyed by all.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

Sept 16

Second Annual Creek Fall Cleanup Paddle - Salmon and West Creeks
In conjunction with the International Coastal Clean-up we did our part by putting together our own clean-up crew. four tandem canoes and two kayaks cleaned the shorelines of both West and Salmon creeks in canoes provided by Braddocks Bay Paddlesports. We collected over a dozen bags of garbage, two barrels, a tricycle, chair, piece of dock and a posted sign to mention just a portion of our load.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

Sep 8-10

Adirondack Great Camp Tour

Ten people headed up to Eighth Lake Campground on September 8 to enjoy a few days of paddling and to learn a little bit about the Adirondacks Gilded Age. We set up camp and decided to kayak on Eighth Lake on Friday afternoon in order to take advantage of the lovely weather. We enjoyed a campfire and a few laughs that night.
On Saturday we paddled Raquette Lake in the morning (Did you know that Raquette Lake got it's name from a pile of snowshoes?) and spent the afternoon touring the Sagamore Great Camp, thus avoiding paddling in the rain and thunderstorm. The pace was leisurely, the company was excellent and everyone's food looked tasty and the weather didn't spoil the fun.
We heard loons and a screech owl that night and managed to get a few hours of paddling on Seventh Lake in on Sunday morning before heading back to Rochester after the required shopping expedition and a nice lunch. We didn't get to the Marion River so we will have to check that out next year.
Trip leaders - Ruth McNamara, Sue Green, and Luann Mongelli.

Sept 9

Irondequoit Creek - Morning paddle
We lived up to the part of the trip desciption that says "1.5 hours, or maybe longer if it's too nice to turn around". Ron, Dan and I paddled up through Elison Park a few turns past the Dasiy Flour Mill. It was a beautiful day with only a few challenging spots to keep us thinking and limber. After 1 hour and 45 minutes paddling upstream, we got out for a short stretch and then paddled back in just over an hour. As is common on Irondequoit Creek we saw a number of Heron.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick

Sept 4

Canadice Lake - Day Trippers

Says Peg -- We had a great time. I think there were 9 of us. We paddled around the lake then stopped for some 'goodies' and to do our 'good deed' for the day. Apparently youngun's had partied last night; a lot of beer cans, garbage and still ice on the ground where they emptied the cooler. Luckily someone had a garbage bag in their pack, so we filled it and left the spot a better place then we found.
Trip leader - Dan Wilson

Sept 3

Skaneateles Lake - Photos by Rebecca

Six brave people in five boats made the trip east today even though the skies were threatening again. Once on the water we were able to enjoy a three hour paddle around the north end of one of the most beautiful finger lakes. The rain stayed to nothing more than a drizzle and the sun even came out once in a while. Once on the northern end we were entertained by a local fire departments contest in the water of who can sink the apponnents boat. Then by some brave ducks looking for a handout boarded one of our kayaks....
After lunch we headed down the eastern shoreline and stopped to look at the house where the Clintons stayed a few years ago. Then it was accross the lake and our return trip home.
As usual ....and a good time was had by all!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 31

Irondequoit Bay - Evening Paddle - Photos by Steve

Eight of us in six boats had a relaxed and pleasant paddle at the head of Irondequoit Bay. We stopped at Don and Mary's house for some wonderful ice cream and a great view of the Bay and the lake out to Braddock's point. It was a perfect night for a calm paddle and on our return trip we paddled into a beautiful sunset.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick.

August 21

Genesee River and Red Creek - Photos by Rebecca

The Daytrippers had an absolutely gorgeous day for a paddle. We paddled the Genesee River to the canal. From the canal we had a beautiful trip down Red Creek. The creek was serene with turtles basking in the sun, winding turns through a lush green canopy of flowers and forests. The water was clear. On the canal we passed a barge. As is typical for a Monday morning paddle, the water was quiet with only a few passing boats. As the summer winds down, it has been a priviledge to experience quiet waters with those of you who have joined me this summer. I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you Thank you. I look forward to more paddles this fall, and definitely next summer.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

August 19

Canandaigua Lake South End Loop -
The PTFL paddle on the Southern end of Canandaigua Lake started with gray skies and the threat of rain. Feeling like it might be a great day on the water, four of us launched from Woodville State Boat Launch on Route 21 at 9:30AM. Our goal was to do one half of the lake estimated at 18 miles but we added one extra for a 19 mile paddle. Our pace was over 4.5 MPH most of the way heading North thanks to a gentle Southerly breeze.
At the nine mile mark we headed across the lake and caught a look at the Wegman's compound. (which we really couldn't miss due to the size of it) Since this lake is well inhabited,and has few parks, finding a place for lunch was difficult.
At a deserted point in a cove, we stopped at waters edge for a quick lunch. Then we headed into a greatly increased headwind on our southerly route back. We still kept a fairly good pace and reached the boat launch at 2:45PM. The rain held off until the last mile but the threat of rain kept most of the power boaters off the water. That made it a quiet and very pleasant paddle.
Trip leaders - Bill and Karen Pakulski

August 14

Day Time Paddle - Erie Canal from Ayrault Road
We met at Ayrault Road launch and paddled to the Village of Fairport. The highlight was to have been ice cream at the store near the waterfront in Fairport. Unfortunately, we arrived at 11am, and the store doesn't open until after noon. Anyway, the weather cooperated, and a good time was had by all. Wave and water conditions were manageable.
Trip leader - Jim Bird

August 10

Irondequoit Creek from BayCreek - Evening Paddle
With some of the regulars out of town, and the weather forecast iffy, there were just my wife and myself in a tandem canoe and Ron in his kayak. The three of us had a lovely paddle, winding our way up the creek through the valley. We had plenty of sun and no rain. We had a good breeze behind us going upstream, and it was almost calm for the return leg. Such a deal.
Trip leader - Steve Tryon.

August 7

West River Marsh - Photos by Rebecca and Peg

The Daytrippers had another enjoyable paddle today in the West River Marsh area on the south end of Canandaigua Lake. We had 9 paddlers plus our youngest paddler, Andrew, about age 3, on the back of his father's kayak. It's a beautiful time of year to enjoy the Bristol Hills, flowering shrubs and pond lilly's in addition to the scenic river and lake.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

July 31

Irondequoit Creek and Bay - Photos by Rebecca

The Daytrippers had a wonderful paddle this past Monday, July 31st. We paddled part of Irondequoit Creek and Bay. Mondays will never be the same. The waterways are quiet and serene with minimal boat traffic. We saw alot of water fowl - terns, sea gulls, red-breasted cormorants, swans, and many turtles. Enjoy the pictures on the ADK paddle web site.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

July 18, 25

Tuesdays at the Beach - Photos by Steve

Trip leaders - Charlie and Mark

July 23

Hemlock Lake PTFL - Photos by Nancy

A beautiful sunny day with a light breeze awaited us at Hemlock Lake North end boat launch. We started at 10:00AM to circumnavigate the lake for a PTFL adventure. The calm water made for an easy paddle and we reached the South end boat launch at 12 noon for lunch. We enjoyed the day on the return paddle and were on our way home by 3:00PM. Another fun PTFL.
Trip leaders - Bill and Karen Pakulski

July 14-16

Long Lake, Adirondacks
Lake Eaton Campground was the place to meet Friday evening. The campground is located just 1/1/2 miles from our put in at Long Lake. Bob Comstock (aka Dr. Bob, he is good with epoxy, and can even pour wine) led our group. We had one tandem canoe and five kayaks.

Calm waters and warm, dry weather made Saturday's paddle north easy and fun. After a couple of breaks, the hunt was on for a camp site. Power boaters also use this lake and several of the lean-to camping areas were filled. We found a large, nice spot on a point along the east side of the lake. Easily, the best site on the lake. Time for swimming, resting, eating and applying (by Dr. Bob) epoxy to Nancy's leaking boat. Cloudy skies blew away and the sun let us see it set over the water. Campfire, dessert and fun with friends, made a great evening.
Sunday gave us more calm water to start and we went north to explore some of the Raquette River. As expected, after lunch the headwinds picked up and it was a slower paddle back to the take out at Long Lake village. Bob C. kept Karen cool with his water blaster and in return, Karen watched Bob dunk off the bow of her boat.
All too soon it was time to depart for home. A few stopped for dinner & ice cream on the route home. Participating were: Bob Comstock(aka Dr. Bob), Karen & Bill Pakulski, Gretchen Schauss, Nancy Green, Bob Grimm, Marshall Atwell.
Trip Leader: Bob Comstock; Trip report by Karen Pakulski.

July 8

Canandaigua Lake - Photos by Nancy

Spectacular and Fun are the words to describe this Canandaigua Lake Paddle. The weather was spectacular - we were on a gorgeous lake - and what a fun group of people showed up! We paddled the east side of the lake. We were invited to break for lunch at Tony and Ev's house on the lake - where we were pleasantly surprised by a superb snack table that Ev had set up for us. Even I ate it - and it was HEALTH FOOD! (Except the donuts!!).
Not all of the group wanted to cross the lake so we paddled back up the east side again which turned out to be very relaxing. When we got back, we grilled some hot dogs and had snacks and played with the toys I brought - just in case we did get to playing water games. Not this year folks - we'll plan it better for next year if there is an interest. ADK trip being over--some of us went back out and explored channels and had dinner at a local pub. NICE!!! Wish you were there!
Trip leader - Nancy Donny

July 6

Braddock Bay - Photos by Steve

Trip leader - Bob Comstock

June 29

Erie Canal from Ayrault Road to Fairport - Photos by Steve - Evening Paddle

Trip leader - Peg Warrick.

June 24

Irondequoit Bay - Photos by Nancy

Trip leader - Charlie Helman

June 15

Black Creek from Ballantyne Road at Jefferson Road - Evening Paddle
Six of us had a pretty and peacful paddle up Black Creek from the Genesee. We went 3.36 miles round trip(wouldn\'t want to round off the GPS reading, would we?) and saw few jumping fish, some blue heron and patches of forget-me-nots. This might be one of the last trips of the season on this section however as the water is getting low.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick.

June 13

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie and Mark - Photos by Sally
Caught the sunset this time.
Trip leaders - Charlie Helman and Mark Rakestraw.

June 1

South end of Irondequoit Bay - Evening Paddle
Since this was a trip of one I went exploring tributaries off Irondequoit Creek. One interesting one took me by a swan's nest. It was a wonderful small stream, that is if you don't mind using your paddle like a gondolears pole and getting out of your kayak and standing it up on end to turn it around to head back. Hmm, should have turned around at that last spot.
Don't let the weather keep you away, I'll leave shore in anything but lightning. It turned out I didn't need a rain jacket at all, until the muddy water dripping off the high end of the paddle got me a few times.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick

May 30

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie and Mark
We had 8 paddlers who came ready for our first night out into the lake. We paddled east towards Webster on extremely flat water conditions with a slight haze due to the heat and humidity. On the return trip home we encountered swallows and what we thought were going to be clouds. Instead we just missed a great sunset . . . we must stay out at least 15 minutes later next week.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

May 28

Black Creek from Churchville toward Bergen Swamp
Today we joined forces with the Niagara Chapter for a joint paddle on Black Creek into the Bergen Swamp. They had 11 paddlers, a Syracuse chapter member came and we had 8 paddlers. We all had a wonderful paddle and most of stayed for a picnic afterwards. I thought our chapter new how to eat, wow . . . the Buffalo people blew us away with their preperations . . .
Thanks to all who participated.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman.

May 18

Red Creek - Evening Paddle
Like Tuesday, we had a beautiful evening for a paddle, in spite of dire weather predictions. Four of us made it pretty far up the creek before we ran out of water. We practiced our limbo routine under one downed tree, but otherwise it was a quiet peaceful paddle. Participants: Peg Warrick, Steve Tryon, Ron Letzin, Joanna Heal.
Trip leader - Peg Warrick.

May 16

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie and Mark
A beautiful evening for a paddle, in spite of dire weather predictions. There were only four of us so we stayed in one group instead of splitting into the "fast" and the "stop-and-smell-the-lilly-pads" groups. Louis brought out the boat he built over the winter for its maiden voyage - gorgeous boat, great job Louis.
The Webster Fire Department came over to check us out as we pulled Louis out of the water--good natured guys who were entertained by our antics. No, Lou's new boat didn't sink. He'd rolled to cool down (half a roll actually) and a miscommunication kept us from getting our bows to him in time to help him back up. Louis and I practiced a few more rolls and we taught John how to do a bow rescue. Next week we're showing John how to do a wet exit and clamber back into his boat-come prepared to practice if your skills are rusty!
Participants: Mark, Carl, John, Louis
Trip leader - Mark Rakestraw.

May 14

Howland Island Day Paddle

Trip leader - Gary DeWitt.

May 13

Genesee River - Belmont to Belfast - pictures by Nancy and Don
Says Nancy, What an interesting Day!!! Don chose to paddle a spectacular section of the Genesee River in the southern tier. We began with a great breakfast in Fillmore, then drove to the put-in. The interesting, (muddy :)), carry to the river was well worth the trip we were about to have!
Don waited till we were in our boats and THEN - he gave a talk on STRAINERS in the river. (Where the water runs fast around curves and drives you into trees that STRAIN you out of your BOAT!! Coooool!!! We weren't scared - so we ventured out onto the most interesting paddle I have ever been on! Each curve in the river was a little bit different than the last. Each shallow - each rapid - each bend was interesting and beautiful. It was fun to think about navigating the challenge ahead of you. It was fun to turn around and look at what you just accomplished.
And then - there was 'The Hapless Two' - The Strainer's Delight...Check the pictures - You'll see two paddlers who braved and conquered the Big Bad Strainer! Good job everybody! Good job Wetsuits!!! The only casualty was Ruthie's Lunch!!
We stopped for lunch (we shared with Ruthie :) ), paddled some more, talked and laughed, it rained, (hard!), and was sunny. We thought we had it all - until - oh my - we saw a Bald Eagle! That grand eagle allowed us to paddle right on by and let us get the most spectacular look! We just floated on by as we looked at the eagle and the eagle looked at us! What a treat!! Thank you, Don. Thank you everybody - for a great day!

Says Don . . . I would like to thank all ten intrepid paddlers who braved another river trip with me. This section of the Genesee is slower and has less elevation drop than the Wellsville section, but it's definitely not flatwater. Due to the heavy rain on Thursday, the water level was up, which made for a more interesting, and challenging, paddle. As we were preparing to launch, Ruth asked about wearing her new wetsuit. It wasn't very cold so I wasn't sure she'd be comfortable, but she did decide to wear it. Bill said he had an extra throwrope and asked if I'd like to carry it. I thought it was overkill, but I stowed it behind my seat. These extra precautions turned out to be fortuitous! Ruth spent some time clinging to a tree in the cold water, while we threw Bill's rope to her. We used the rope a second time to pull her kayak out of the strainer. The fact that she didn't get cold, and that we could throw her a rope that "we probably could have gotten along without" kept the situation from getting out of hand. In perhaps 20 minutes everyone was safely on shore with their boats dried out, ready to go again. We laughed and joked about Ruth's soggy turkey sandwich, the big casualty of the day.
Later we all marveled at a striking example of our national symbol, a bald eagle, standing guard over his river as we passed in awe below. Thanks to Nancy for the fine pictures of this wonderful river trip, and her delightful account of it.
Trip leader - Don Welch

May 2

TATB - Tuesdays At The Beach with Charlie and Mark
Our first tuesday night paddle of the season was a success. we paddled down the western shoreline of Irondequoit Bay past the Newport House before crossing the bay and paddling back up the eastern shoreline. We saw lots of geese, a group of swans, ducks and a couple of fisherman who had some spendable cash available to burn on gas for their powerboats! I think we were smarter....we saved ours for ice cream afterwards!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

April 23

Members Potluck Picnic
The Pot Luck Picnic was a grand success this April! We enjoyed a lovely facility at the Wetland Center off Empire Blvd.
The picnic was a little different this year. One had to walk or shuttle the amazing picnic yummies back into the loj. Then we enjoyed the pre-picnic hike - led by KarinTopfer, or the Sunday (Yikes!) Hike - led by Dick Spade, or the Easy Paddle in the wetlands - led by Gary Dewitt.
After working up an appetite, we enjoyed a family atmosphere in a house environment where one found a dining room or a living room or a family room to enjoy the company of friends, club members, new members and potential members. We had affiliates and visitors from other chapters. We ended a lovely afternoon with a raffle that put the Executive Committee on the spot to randomly and, with lots of fun, choose the recipients of 'valuable prizes'!!!
Watch for the Pot Luck Picnic in October! You don't want to miss this great chance to meet the people who drive and participate in your club! See you in the fall!!!
Membership chair - the inestimable Nancy Donny

April 22

Black Creek East from the Churchvill Dam
Says Nancy: It was a tough decision - but we decided not to go. The creek was enticing - but since there was shuttling and fast water, Don decided that two was not enough. Don has promised to do this treasured paddle again and I am looking forward to that as much as I did this one! This should show everyone that paddles are the leader's call. It isn't always easy to turn away from a great paddle. That shows what makes a good leader. The safety and integrity of a paddle is what this club and its trip leaders always have in mind. Thank you Don!
Trip leader: Don Welch.

April 9

Irondequoit Creek from behind Panorama Plaza to Irondequoit Bay
Our 2006 paddling season has offically begun! We had 9 boats, and 11 people for our annual trek up Irondequoit Creek from Panorama Plaza to Irondequoit Bay. The weather was great and we all had a good time. We had a number of people paddle with us that had never joined us before......a great start for the new year!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman