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December 6, 2009

Black Creek from Churchville Park
Two people from Rochester joined up with seven people from the Buffalo area on a chilly but sunny day. The temperature only reached a high of 36 degrees but all of us seamed to dress correctly for the days paddle. We paddled into a strong wind and current upstream towards the Bergen swamp. Not much animal life except for some ducks and geese but this did bring up some interesting conditions. While we paddled along we kept hearing gunshots ...... we assumed this was from the Bergen Gun Club which we paddled right pass on our way into the swamp area.
We continued further along and found a nice downed tree that just about all of us were able to sit on for our lunch break. All of a sudden two very large containers of cookies and a monsterous thermos full of hot chocolate appeared out of no-where!!!!
While we sat and ate we continued to hear gunfire and figured out it was hunters ........ well that was enough for all of us ..... no one wanted to be mistaken for a duck so we turned around and headed for home ...... we paddled a total of seven miles .... not bad for a December day!
Participants: From Rochester ....... Stina and Charlie

October 25

Genesee River - Photos by Dave Murphy and Sally Atkins


Today eight of us ventured out on a beautiful day for a paddle towards downtown and the lower falls. Along the way we saw lots of tree color, very little power boat traffic and lots of bird life ..... herons, red tail hawk, cuarmerants (lousy spelling) and some wild turkeys trying to have Chris for lunch!
We all paddled up to within view of the lower falls but the water level was a bit shallow so we were not able to get into the pool by the falls. We broke for lunch and then our return trip to Charlotte. A wonderful paddle .......
Participants: Mark, Dave, Sally and John, Chris, Pete, Joe and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

October 9-11

Columbus Weekend Paddle to Eighth Lake - Photos by Luann Pero Mongelli


October 5

Daytrippers on Canadice Lake
Six of us explored Canadice Lake on a lovely fall morning. The leaves aren't at peak but they certainly were beautiful. The clouds came and went along with the sun ..... and I think there were a few sprinkles in there too. It was just a very pleasant paddle. Upon returning to our put in we enlisted the help of the automobile club to retrieve car keys locked in a car - luckily that all worked out well and folks were on their way home in no time!!! While waiting we all cleaned out our pockets, cars, and packs to find nourishment to hold us over till rescue came! Believe me, no one starved and it's amazing what food can be found!!! If the weather continues we'll be paddling next week again ....
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

October 4

Skaneateles Lake - Photos by Rebecca Ledwin


Today we had ten paddlers make the trip to the beautiful Skaneateles Lake. This is the first year that I have led the trip to the south end as all my previous trips have been to the money end on the lake .... the north end.
The weather cooperated as we had a mixture of clouds and sun throughout the day. The water can only be described as spectacular .... the clearest of all the Fingerlakes. We paddled up the southeast side in search of some fossils I had heard about as well as admiring the high cliffs along the way. Finally about two miles up we hit the jackpot! We found the fossils which are tubular and according to the locals date back 380 million years ago .... give or take a few million!
We continued along, and since the lake shore is pretty much all owned privately I was concerned about finding a place for lunch. We cam accross a cottage with hospitable occupants who invited us to share the beach with them and we were set for lunch!
After lunch we headed accross the lake and our return back to the boat launch.
A fabulous lake and wonderful trip.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

September 10

Thursday night on the canal - Photos by Steve


Six of us in two solo canoes, two kayaks and one tandem canoe, had a lovely evening on the canal, enjoying the quiet water and the lights along the canal.
Trip leaders - Steve Tryon and Peg Warrick

September 7

Daytrippers on Canadice Lake - Photos by Peg


Another one of those beautiful Monday mornings!!! What a way to celebrate Labor Day! 22 of us met at the boat launch at Canadice Lake. After a few introductions, (of course we try hard to know all the names but this time it was a little difficult), we set out in "smaller groups" to explore the lake. We gathered at the south end to explore the "food" folks had brought along then onward along the other side of the lake and back to the put in. The lake was lovely - perfect for a morning paddle! I think our fisherman brought in one fish along the way - but it went back in to the water. A great way to end the "traditional summer" and begin the fall paddling season!!!
Participants: Tony, Donna, Deni, Marilyn, Tina, Dan, Carl, Ruth, Janna, Peg, David, Betty, Kit, James, Jesse, Vicky, Lynn, Chris, Marilyn, Laurel, David, Neil.
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

September 3

Moonlight Paddle on Irondequoit Creek - Photos by Steve


Nine of us in seven boats had a glorious paddle up Irondequoit Creek. On a beautifully clear night we started in sunlight but before too long the sun set and we were guided by an incredibly bright full moon. Well it was incredibly bright in the wetland area, but paddling by moonlight in the heavily treed sectons of Ellison park is a bit of a challenge. We all had fun and did not run aground too many times. It was a wonderful paddle and I plan on repeating it in 2010 (if I can wait that long).
Trip leader - Peg Warrick

August 31

Daytrippers on Canandaigua Lake - Photos by Peg and Rebecca


It is a given - a beautiful sunny day for a paddle on a Monday. At the last minute, some of us had the opportunity to join Pat Powers, trip leader, and other Daytrippers for a relaxing morning on Canandaigua Lake with no boat traffic. The group paddled to the yacht club to survey damage from the tornado this past weekend. A kayak was wedged under tree damage. There were crews at work cleaning up all the debris. I (RL) photographed a house on the water for sale. I thought perhaps the ADK paddle group might have the resources to acquire it for use of fellow paddlers. There is a shark fin in one of the pictures - no, sharks don't live in fresh water. It was great fun. Many enjoyed a delicious lunch before heading home. We tried to eat outside, but after being discovered by a swarm of bees, dashed into the cover of the cafe. Photos by Peg Jacobs and Rebecca Ledwin.
Trip leader - Pat Powers

August 27

Irondequoit Creek Paddle
Tonight we had a joint trip with waterways and the younger members. We arranged with Baycreek to stay open later than normal and we were able to have boats available for rent to people who needed them. We ended up with 14 boats & 15 people for a paddle up the creek towards Ellison Park. After a number of years of discussion the Wier dam at Tryon park has finally been removed! We paddled through this area and up to the Browncroft Road bridge before turning around and heading back to beat darkness. Everyone seemed to have a fun time. Afterwards a number of the YM went next door to Macgregors for some food ..... and they even invited the "old folks" although I was the only one to join them!
Trip leaders - Peg Warrick and Charlie Helman

August 24

Daytrippers at Hemlock Lake - Photos by Megan Meyer


Wow - another gorgeous Monday morning!!! This is just the best way to start the week!!!! 14 of us set out to explore the "other side" of Hemlock lake. We paddled along checking out some new beaver activity and locating the lodge. It was just as pleasant as could be!!! Not too hot, not too cool! Half of our group chose to continue on down the lake while some of returned to the boat launch for out 12:00 departure! A really great morning.
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

August 16

Canandaigua Lake - South end - Photos by Dave Murphy


What a beautiful day for a paddle! Seven of us did a nice loop around the southern end of the lake today. Setting out from the DEC boat launch we headed north along the western shoreline admiring the weather, water and enormous cottages. The water was mostly flat with some power boat created ripples every now and then. About noon we decided it was time for a lunch break so we invaded the Bristol Harbour little boat launch for a quick break. After lunch we headed accross the lake for the return paddle down the eastern side and the obligatory visit to the eagle sitting in the tree at the mouth of the West River. It was hard work getting the eagle to pose for us and all the other paddlers that had accumulated near the tree. I had to bribe him with a promise of lots of fish over the next couple of weeks .....
Participants: Luann, Dave, Pete, Chris, Marshall, Jim and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 10

Daytrippers at Chimney Bluffs - Photos by Rebecca


Another glorious Monday!!! After horrid rain, thunder and lightening throughout the night the sun came out and the water was perfect! A few branches in the road on the drive to the lake however!
Seven of us set out for a tour around the lake, joined by 2 dogs in Ellen's boat (one decided to take a little swim as it was so hot on the water!!). It was just a lovely morning on the lake!!!! A great way to start the week!
Photos by trip leader Rebecca Ledwin.

August 2

Lockport - Erie Canal
Today, four of us braved the threating weather in the early morning and we traveled to the Buffalo area and the Lockport Erie canal. Once there we met up with the Niagara Frontier Chapter (14 boats) for their annual trek down the canal and thru two canal locks.The NFC calls this trip, "The best verticle paddle in New York State". Shortly after getting to the locks the weather broke and the sun came out, the remainder of the day was quite pleasant. After passing thru the locks we paddled with the group for a while before creating a major floatilla as we all tied up to each other and had a feast of treats that everyone had brought along. After our snacking and chatting we headed back thru the locks and back to the boat launch ..... where we then picniced ..... we certainly did not want for Food!!!! A wonderful day .......
Participants: Stina, Paula, Pete Latham and Charlie Helman .... sorry only the Rochester people .....
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 30

Braddock Bay - Photos by Rebecca
Tonight I had two people join me on a last minute Thursday night paddle. I did not put this paddle up until fairly late on Tuesday so most of you probably missed it but we had a really nice paddle up Buttonwood creek. Due to the water levels we were able to get quite far up the creek. On the return trip we came upon three young people in a fishing boat and one of them caught a four plus .. pound perch ..... huge fish ..... Rebecca tried to get a picture of it but i am not sure how the picture came out. Enjoyable evening. Photos by Rebecca
Participants: Chris, Rebecca and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 27

Daytrippers at Chimney Bluffs - Photos by Rebecca


It was an exciting paddle today at Chimney Bluffs State Park and East Bay. Amidst some weeds paddling out into East Bay we had sun and clouds as the back drop to a peaceful area filled with flowers, lovely homes and swans. 6 of us ventured out onto Lake Ontario. We enjoyed the vistas of Chimney Bluff State Park. 4 of us paddled to shore while 3 stayed to enjoy the views from the water. The other paddlers had the pleasure of walking along the trail, paddling longer in the bay and fishing. A few of us got wet in the lake.
A wonderful day. A beautiful drive there. For me a perfect paddle to remember a relaxing summer. There were 4 paddlers from the Buffalo ADK that we met and shared a great day on the water.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

July 23

Irondequoit Creek Paddle


It took a little willpower for Rebecca L, Rich S and me to get in our boats in the rain, but as Rebecca said "What a blast! It reminded me of playing outside in the rain when I was growing up."
Trip leader - Peg Warrick

July 20

Daytrippers on Hemlock Lake - Photos by Rebecca


Gorgeous morning on Hemlock Lake. 17 of us had the joy of being there!
Trip leader - Peg Jacob

July 14

Tuesday at the Beach - Photos by Dave Murphy


July 13

Daytrippers at Fairhaven Beach - Photos by Rebecca


On a sunny but Wind-derful day, we had a beautiful paddle on Sterling creek. There were several families of swans. We had 10 paddlers in kayaks and canoes.
One of our younger paddlers had the privilege of canoeing with the best. He is one of my "three sons."
It was a pleasure to enjoy such a wonderful day with all of you.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin and Peg Jacobs

July 6

Daytrippers on Irondequoit Bay - Photos by Rebecca


The Daytripper Paddle on Irondequoit Bay today was a lovely trip with many families of geese, swans, cormorants, terns and ducks along the way. We paddled under the bridge admiring the majestic boats and homes that dotted the shore. After paddling along the shore we ventured into a cove. There were eagles flying overhead, nests of cormorants in trees and small birds with homes in the side of the cliff flitting in and out. The group of 15 paddlers rested in the cove enjoying the beauty of the calm day. While in the cove a fellow paddler noticed an injured cormorant. We encouraged him to swim toward shore. The wind and waves picked up as we paddled toward the launch site. The temperature started to drop and dark clouds began to appear. Once again our group had an excellent demonstration of getting back into an overturned boat and pumping out the water. Thanks Neil for another great assist.
It started to rain just as we were walking into Bill Greys after another wonderful Monday paddle. Many in the group stayed to enjoy ice cream, lunch and stories. Thanks to one of our paddlers for sharing her buy one, get one free ice cream coupon. The "trip leader" was treated to free ice cream - too much to eat alone. With group support, we downed delicious vanilla and chocolate almond ice cream.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

July 5

Long Pond
Today after moving the put in point back to the north end of the lake, five of us paddled down to the south end of Long Pond and into the creek. we then headed under the parkway and towards Flynn Road before being turned back by a log jam. After a lunch break we then headed back up to the north end. Before taking out we all went for a short visit to Lake Ontario .....
Participants: Doug, Sue, Marshall, Chris & Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

June 29

Daytrippers on Canandaiqua Lake


The Daytripper Monday paddle on June 29, 2009 was another beautiful day on the water. We had 18 paddlers. As we set off, we got to practice how to get back into a kayak when over turned. It was a gorgeous day. Our group paddled down to a small island, into a beautiful waterway, and then into one of the inlets. We all enjoyed ice cream after the paddle. I did have a picture of our group enjoying ice cream. My camera, however, must have run out of memory. I know what that is like. To see more details about our trip, I will send the link to our special guest, Jen, from the Democrat and Chronicle who traveled in Pat Power's tandem. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/section/videonetworkHope to see many of you next Monday.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

June 28, 2009

Conesus Lake - Photos by Bill Lawton


Well just like Gilligans Island six of us set out on our six hour tour in what seemed like a typical sunny Sunday morning. With clear skies and a slight wind from the south causing some mild chop on the lake it seemed like conditions were perfect. After a 2.5 hour paddle we stopped down at the south end for a lunch break.
After lunch we headed out into cloudy skies and after a short time it started raining lightly .... then heavier ..... then really hard .... and the wind picked up. The next thing we new we were surfing in whitecaps and poor visability. I was half expecting to find ourselves on a uncharted island ..... with no Gilligan, skipper, Maryanne, Ginger or the Howells ....... we did have a professor and a retired doctor with us though ......
Fortunately we all returned to our starting point, upright although extremely soggy .......
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

June 22, 2009

Canadice Lake
After such a rainy weekend this was just a beautiful Monday!!! A bit windy and quite wavey but very very nice!!!! 14 of us paddled to the south end of the lake and back, staying along the shoreline due to the waves and wind. We rafted up for some cookies (thanks Linda) and chat before returning to the boat launch, paddling against the wind. It was just a lovely way to start the week!!!!
Participants: Peg, Linda, Joanna, Barbara, Carl, Jim, Sue, Elden, David, Betty, Karl, Nadean, Marilyn, Jason
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

June 15

Hemlock Lake South - photos by Peg


Another glorious Monday - the thunder and lightning that graced a lot of Monroe county this morning passed in time for us to have a warm, sunny paddle! We are truly blessed on Mondays!!!! 10 folks paddled down to the bridge and back, eating a few blueberry muffins along the way. It was truly a great way to start the week. We look forward to Canadice Lake next week!!! Thanks to Denny for helping to lead this paddle .... I'm not sure where we would have been without him!!!
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs and Denny Tripp

June 13, 2009

ADK Outdoor Expo


Floyd   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   Carol   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   Sally


–   Steve   –

June 8

Hemlock Lake South


Another glorious Monday Morning!!! How can we be so lucky!!! The channel is cleared and we were able to paddle quite a ways down this morning. Lots of flowers, fern, birds, butterflies along the way. We did not get to the end; we turned around after an hour of paddling as the water was narrowing considerably. The nine of us enjoyed the leisurely paddle.
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

June 7

Fairport Canal Days- Rubber Duck Race


A wonderful afternoon on the canal. Two of us assisted the Birdcor group with their annual rubber duck race. Jim and I had a great time helping in the setting up and guiding of the ducks as well as the gathering afterwards. Along the way we actually got quite a bit of paddling in as well .... Overall a great. Thanks to Rebecca Ledwin who actually took a couple of pictures of us although she was not paddling with us.
Participants: Jim Bird and Charlie Helman ..... and Rebecca Ledwin from shore!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

June 6

Red Creek paddle - Photos by Sherry


What a beautiful paddle. The weather was warm and sunny with just enough breeze to keep the bugs away. Three ADK paddlers, Chris, Linda, and Sherry started out from the Genesee Waterways Center into the Genesee River, rounding the curve into the Erie Canal and then a right turn into Red Creek.
Along the way we watched as a heron plucked a big fish from the water and then swallowed it whole!
Red Creek starts out rather wide and then gradually narrows. It is hard to say how far down we paddled, as the lush foliage and trees make it hard to know exactly where you are. We must've been pretty close to Jefferson Road. Along the way we enjoyed the scenery and good conversation.
Trip leader - Sherry Bennett

June 1, 2009

Red Creek from Genesee Waterways Center - Photos by Peg


Another gorgeous Monday morning!!! As we put our boats in the water we were treated to a display of fighter jets overhead - perhaps from the weekend air show? Loud but fun to watch!!! Then off down the river to the canal and on to the creek. The water was high enough that we were able to paddle about an hour down the creek enjoying lots of flowers, birds and a few strainers along the way. It was a lovely paddle!!
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

May 30

Oak Orchard River
The day of our paddle started out grey and gloomy as 10 paddlers met at the put-in on Slade Rd just north of Medina. After a quick car schuttle to the take-out just north of Rt. 104 we headed back to the start point for our paddle. The water was running pretty fast after a week of rain as everybody slid into there boats for the start of our journey.
After about a half an hour of paddling we encountered the one and only obstacle of the day. A willow tree had decided to loose its footing on the bank and spread its lofty branches across the creek. After a quick examination of the situation a foldable siera saw was produced to prune the offending branches that blocked our path. Many thanks to our fellow paddler "Woodey" for his tree surgery duties!
We found a low bank were some locals had set up some plastic chairs and a bench as a fishing spot, it was decided that it would make a perfect place to eat our lunch. The sky had cleared at this point, making the rest of the paddle a sunny event.
Trip leader - Peter Latham

May 25

Day Trippers on Otter Lake - Photos by Megan Meyer and Rebecca Ledwin


The Monday Daytripper paddle May 25th was great! There was no one else on Otter Lake except for two fishing canoes. We paddled around the lake to the channel that connects to Parker Pond. We made it through half the channel. It was further than last year! There is no other access to Parker Pond, so next year we will try even earlier in the season. We had a delightful lunch on a small pier. After lunch part of the group paddled the rest of the lake. There were several great blue herons flying nearby. Some stronger winds and waves helped to propel us back to the launch site. It was a perfect day on the water.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

May 18, 2009

West River/Naples
Another glorious Monday!!! Due to waves and wind on the lake we opted to put in at the DEC parking lot off Rt. 245 .... that worked well. The 10 of us paddled down Naples Creek but couldn't get far due to trees and blockage. Then paddled the river for an hour or so .... some folks went on down to the SunnyDale bridge, others had a little GPS lesson back at the parking lot! Heron, ducks, geese, turtles, huge carp, lots of wildlife!! Lunch at "Poor Richards" on Rt. 21 for many in the group.
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

May 16, 2009

GVC-ADK Photo Workshop


From chapter chair Gary DeWitt:
I am pleased to announce a photographic workshop/day outing for our members. I have arranged a partnership with the Community Darkroom in Rochester to conduct a Landscape / Nature themed workshop.
The workshop will be lead by Christine Sevilla, a noted local environmentally focused photographer.
You may view her work at http://luminguild.us/

May 11, 2009

Hemlock Lake, south end - Photos by George Mermagen


Monday was a glorious day for a paddle!!! We met at the boat launch at the south end of Hemlock Lake and paddled through the inlet to a point where downed trees caused us to turn around. (It was a nice 45 minute paddle to that point). The 7 of us rafted up for some drinks and brownies then headed back. An eagle made an appearence but only the fellas saw it - the gals were too busy chatting I believe! By the time we entered the lake again there were some hefty waves and a bit of wind making it a little more difficult to paddle back to the put in for some, especially those smaller boats. But we all found ourselves back on shore - having had a very nice Monday morning together. Looking forward to many more terrific Monday paddles.
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

May 3

Hemlock Lake - Photos by Sally Atkins


Thirteen paddlers set out on a wonderful day paddling on picturesque Hemlock Lake. The weather was perfect and we saw our share of wildlife .... although there was no sightings of the resident eagles. For me it was the maiden voyage for my new Hemlock solo canoe ..... SWEET!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

April 26

Black Creek from Churchville (East)
A diverse group of 10 paddlers set out from Churchville heading east on Black Creek. The overcast sky and threat of rain didnt stop these paddlers from seeing what Black Creek had to offer that day. Aside from a few shallow spots and only one blowdown it was smooth sailing (paddling) for the group! At our one portage we decided to stop and eat lunch before continuing on our way. As the group sat down to eat lunch on the grassy bank, bounding out of the woods comes a large dog. Memories of two years ago came flooding back to me where at the same spot I had been cornered between my kayak on the bank and the creek by two angry dogs. But this dog was all smiles whith his tail wagging and his only agenda was to get a few scraps of lunch from the group.
After lunch we continued on our way, the skies cleared and all there that we could see was blue sky over our heads. With a small chute of water near the end of the paddle to provide our last bit of entertaiment for the day everybody left with a smile on their face.
Trip leader - Peter Latham

April 18

Black Creek Paddle - Photos by Sally and John Atkins


Pleasant weather conditions with temps in the 60's along with cloudy skies and some sunshine provided the backdrop for an 8 mile 5 hr paddle up Black Creek into the grey leafless forest of the Bergen Swamp. We had 20 paddlers and a flotilla of 16 boats. Turtles were sunning on nearly every log. Although Black Creek was clear of debris, the main channel of the swamp contained many areas clogged with downed trees and debris. Serge gave all the boaters a reprieve from yet another ‘carry-around' when he sawed and sawed and sawed some more through a large down tree trunk while Charlie helped push the trunk and accompanied pile of debris down stream. Boat bottoms, gear, clothing, and boots became coated in mud and muck as we pulled and carried our boats around strainers full of these large logs and the accompanied debris. As we headed out of the swamp and back toward Black Creek, the stillness of the swamp was interrupted with the echoing of a bird ‘song fest.' Looking up we saw that the trees tops were filled with a profusion of small birds. With the boats and gear loaded, the last task on our paddling agenda was, of course, to locate the nearest ice cream parlor in Churchville.
Trip leader - Luann Pero Mongelli

March 28

Irondequoit Bay Paddle
After launching from our favorite kayak launch site on the North end of the bay near Sea Breeeze we headed south to the bay bridge. Since the water is still quite cold everybody had on their dry-suits or dry-tops. Charlies red face attested to the fact that he had a water-tight seal at his neck since getting the latex gaskets replaced on his dry suit.
The bay was ours except for several small fishing boats trying their luck. After a pit stop at Bay Creek paddlesports we headed down the east side of the bay on the return leg. By this point everybody was getting back into their paddling groove after a winter hiatis. The wheather started out clear with blue skies and ended the same for our first paddle of the season.
Participants: Peter, Charlie, Stina, Dave and Chris.
Trip leader - Peter Latham

March 1

Signs of Spring - photos by Jackson


Says Jackson Thomas, "I had my camera with me while delivering Geneseeans this afternoon to Bay Creek. I thought we might all enjoy seeing some photos."

February 19-22

Annual Loj Trip - photos by Jackson


Click on an image for the the slide show.

Click here for photos by Bob Crumrine.
2009 Genesee Valley ADK Winter Loj Trip
By Dave Harrison
Combine a congenial group of outdoor enthusiasts with breathtaking High Peaks scenery and excellent snow cover, and you have the ingredients for a terrific Adirondack experience, and that's just what 38 ADKers enjoyed over a four day period on our Chapter's annual trip to the historic ADK Loj. Located on a square mile of ADK-owned land about five miles outside Lake Placid, the ADK Loj overlooks Heart Lake and offers a view of mountains and forests that ADK members like this writer daydream about all year long. GVC booked the entire Loj, and on Thursday Feb. 19th people began arriving early in afternoon. Before dinner, we gathered for refreshments in front of a large stone fireplace in the great room – a high-ceilinged room filled with rustic Adirondack furniture, books, and pictures of Adirondack scenery. Although many members of the group were Loj trip "regulars," there were also 11 first-timers this year.
Read Dave's complete report.