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November 20

First Annual Trip Leaders Recognition Dinner
By Mary Norman

Approximately 40 ADK-GVC trip leaders gathered at the King's Bend Park North Lodge for the first annual Trip Leaders' Recognition Dinner. Some of the attendees have been leading trips since the 1970s while others recently volunteered to lead during the 2010 season; regardless, our chapter could not be more appreciative of these leaders' efforts! What a great, dynamic, and diverse group; it was very gratifying to see folks who we normally only see on the trail in a relaxed social setting and it was also an opportunity to put a face with some of the names that we have only seen in print! A special thanks to Bob Krenzer, Rich Sensabaugh, Anne Bohan, Nancy Donny, and Charlie Helman for helping us set up and clean up--and make that urgent last-minute trip to Wegmans! We are especially happy that Erv Tschanz, who leads the annual winter backpacking training, agreed to be our keynote speaker and give us an insider's view of some of the hidden hiking gems in the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, and Pennsylvania area. Kudos also goes to Carter Thomas, Charlie Helman, Larry Telle, and Joanne Mitchell for helping us recognize the people who keep the Younger Members Committee, Waterways, and Saturday and Sunday Hikes alive and kicking. We hope this dinner turns into an annual event to honor those that do so much for the rest of us by planning, organizing and leading events throughout the year.

Our thanks to ALL of our trip leaders, whether or not they were able to attend, for their dedication and contributions. 2010 was a great year and we're looking forward to 2011!

November 13

Hemlock Lake

Photos by John Atkins

Today six of us decided to enjoy the spring like weather.....close to 60 degrees & sunny as we paddled around a good portion of Hemlock Lake. Along the way we saw some canandian geese, ducks(that were brave enough to ignore the hunters in the area); a red tail hawk and some fairly large fish. Water conditions were great and we had a fabulous paddle.
Pete, Nancy, Stina, John, Paula and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

October 25

Daytrippers on Canadice Lake
Canadice Lake is always a great paddle - especially in the fall, on a warm day, with a little rain!!! The leaves are still gracing the trees and heron and seagulls flying....no eagles that I saw. A wonderful Monday morning paddle. If the weather keeps up, we'll keep paddling!!! Each Monday we can paddle now is such a blessing! Peg, Neil, Martin, Jim, Joe, Laurel, Becky, Ellen and "the latecomer".
Trip leaders -- Peg Jacobs/Ellen Prill

October 17

Skaneateles Lake

Photos by trip leader Marty Turner

Three of us drove to the south end of this beautiful lake today. The skies were a mixture of clouds and sun and we had a brisk wind directly from the north. The wind created some problems as we had 1 to 2 foot waves with whitecaps as we headed north along the eastern shore in our quest to find the fossils. We eventually got to our goal the fossils which due to the rough water were something we had to look at from a little distance. Next we encountered another obstacle in that the place I have stopped for lunch the last two years was now clearly marked with posted signs to say we and everyone was not welcome. We decided to paddle accross the lake into the rough waves which took a little time. Once on the western shoreline the three of us got to practice our surfing skills as we flew down the lake towards the south end. Once back to the boat launch we relaxed and had lunch and discussed the fun we had on the paddle. To bad more of you did not join us!!!

Trip leader - Charlie Helman

October 11

Daytrippers at the Attica Reservoir
Weather projection: cloudy, scattered showers, 60's.
Real time: Cloudy with pokes of sunshine, 2 minute light shower, comfortable temp for paddling, leaves coming into color.
First, and foremost: You do need a permit from Attica Town Hall before going.
We paddled the perimeter and beheld huge bald eagles, the otter scolding us, flocks of honking Canadian geese and ducks. The reservoir seems to be the birds staging area. Six of us went (Joe, Bob, Anette, Skip, Rebecca, myself), enjoyed the day, and a new paddle-spot. P.S. Great apple-crisp at Oliver's Candies in Batavia!
Trip leader - Ellen Prill

October 11

Daytrippers at the Attica Reservoir
Weather projection: cloudy, scattered showers, 60's.
Real time: Cloudy with pokes of sunshine, 2 minute light shower, comfortable temp for paddling, leaves coming into color.
First, and foremost: You do need a permit from Attica Town Hall before going.
We paddled the perimeter and beheld huge bald eagles, the otter scolding us, flocks of honking Canadian geese and ducks. The reservoir seems to be the birds staging area. Six of us went (Joe, Bob, Anette, Skip, Rebecca, myself), enjoyed the day, and a new paddle-spot. P.S. Great apple-crisp at Oliver's Candies in Batavia!
Charlie Helman

October 2

Genesee River Color Tour

Photos by trip leader Charlie Helman

Seven of us enjoyed the day by paddling up the Genesee River towards the lower falls downtown. Along the way we observed a abundance of wildlife and the fall foilage which had not peaked yet. Once we paddled past the Route 104 bridge it was apparent the the recent rains were going to make our quest to reach the lower falls a real challenge. We made it to Seth Green Island for our typical lunch break but after lunch we had to abandon our efforts to make the falls due to the strong currents. We turned around and made the return trip back to the boat launch. As we approached the Orouke Bridge we were puzzled by the sound of a live band playing music. We then discovered the Skip Shumway (Shumway marine) has a three pontune barge that he had has outfitted with a nice canopy and a engine that he motored around a three piece band on a paddle up the river to observe the fall colors. We then agreed that our timing was off as we could have been enjoying this music all the way as we paddled instead of just at the end of our journey......

September 27

West River/Naples

Photos by Peg Jacobs

The West River is always a lovely paddle! 8 of us set out in a drizzly rain - not bad enough to need rain gear. There seems to be heron at every bend! As we left the lake into the river there was an eagle a top a stately tree watching us!!! We stopped to admire him for a bit then headed on down the creek, which is always pretty. Paddled as far as we could then turned around, rafted up and ate goodies. Three paddlers had brought snacks so there was no fear of starvation!!! And what good cooks we are (even Wegmans!!)!! It was a great way to start the week. Next week we'll be at Wide waters in near Newark!!! Looking forward to Monday!

Particpants - Peg, Doug, Craig, David, Robert, Christine, Cheryl, Joanna
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs

September 25

West River/Naples Creek

Photos by Charlie Helman

It is Grape Festival time in Naples! This means that not only is it time for fun with grapes but it is also time for our annual paddle on the West River and Naples Creek. Eight of us ventured out in search of a nice paddle as well as a sighting of the eagles that have been seen at the south end of Canandaigua Lake. Although we had a nice paddle on both the West and Naples Creek we never did see any sign of the eagles. The water level seemed low compared to the last few years.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

September 23

Hemlock Lake

Photos by Charlie Helman

Tonight mother nature was kind to us and allowed us a great view of the full harvest moon!!! Six of us ventured out into the darkness of the night on Hemlock Lake for a nice paddle. The moon was there to light our way and we all had a great time.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

September 17-19

Chautauqua Lake Weekend

Photos by Sally Atkins

Chautauqua Lake is a quiet (in mid-Sept.) beautiful lake in South-Western NY near Jamestown. Eight adventurous kayakers set out on an exploratory trip of the lake. After leaving our bags at the wonderful cottage at Pine Hill Resort, we paddled from Pine Hill, north to The Chautauqua Institute. Since this was September, we were able to take out at the Chautauqua Institute beach and do a little exploring. Crossing the lake to head south again, we felt a breeze and enjoyed the wind push us back to Long Point and to our accommodations. We settled into our cottage and had a great pot luck dinner and a game of dice.

Saturday was cool with sunny skies. Karen & John finally (don't ask) returned after spotting a car at the South end of the lake and soon we were on our paddle from Pine Hill Resort to Lakewood. Half-way to Lakewood we found a small marina and met Berni, the owner. Berni graciously let us picnic at his place and use his facilities. The entire paddle was filled with the beauty of the lake & hills. A stop for ice cream on the way back finished the day. We had a enough energy to play a few barely skilled games of badminton. Thanks Nancy for bringing your set. We had an extra treat of fireworks from a nearby camp, so close it seemed the fireworks were over our heads. We all remarked at the awesome display of fireworks. A few games of dominos rounded out our day.

Sunday after a hearty breakfast, we packed up and drove to Lakewood. We put our boats in at the public launch site and took a tour of the river. We stopped at the river boat launch for lunch. While there, Charlie started a new challenge, balancing paddles on our heads. It is not as hard as you might think, but you do look rather silly while doing it. Our day and the trip ended just as the rain started.

Since we did not finish the circumnavigation of the lake, we will have to go back and have another wonderful weekend.
Trip leader - Karen Pakulski

September 12

Braddock Bay Paddlesports
Today three of us headed out in overcast skies from the boat launch towards Braddocks Bay. We paddled along the western shoreline and out into a completely flat Lake Ontario. We headed east and then returned to the bay where we headed up Buttonwood Creek. We paddled under two bridges and all the way up the creek until we came to a large downed tree where we made the choice to turn around and head back to the launch. Along the way we encountered quite a bit of wild life; turtles, fish, Kingfisher, Heron, ducks, geese, and to all our surprise.....a nice sized Eagle.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 30

Daytrippers on Irondequoit Bay
Photos by RCampbell
Trip leaders: Peg Jacobs/Ellen Prill

August 28

Cayuga - Seneca Canal - Waterloo - Photos by John Atkins

Photos by John Atkins

Today we paddled a portion of the Cayuga-Seneca Canal that obviously flows between these two Finger Lakes. The water was clear and had a nice current. the weather was spectacular and the company was, too. We launched from a fairly new boat vendor called Fuzzy Guppies located at the Waterloo Harbor Campground just west of Route 96 on Route 5&20 in Waterloo.

Participants: Stina, John, Luann, Bill, Marilyn and Charlie.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 26

Braddock Bay
Tonight was another adventure with the younger members. We had 16 paddlers for a wonderful adventure up on of the creeks. Joe from Braddocks Bay Paddlsports stayed open late for us and rented boats and gear to those who needed it. Go to see some wildlife......and a couple of boats that were magnetized.....you know who you are.....

Afterwards we went to the Braddocks Bay Inn for dinner and to celebrate almost everyone staying dry......Carter had the uncontrolable desire to practice a wet exit....so he did!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 24

Round Pond - Mendon Ponds Park
Tonight Dave Curtis of Hemlock Canoe brought a trailer full of canoes for a demo night of his wonderful boats. The weather held up and it was cool but nice with a wonderful sunset. Along with trying out a number of canoes we saw a beaver, woodpecker, geese.....a scuba diver....and best of all a member from Buffalo came down early and cooked a wonderful roast beef for us all as well as supplying us with a wonderful desert afterwards.

I was the only ADkr.....all other participants were from Hemlock Canoe.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 19

Irondequoit Bay
Tonight we had another paddle with a local paddle shop and our younger members. 20 of us headed north into the bay with a careful watch on the weather brewing to the west. With a large group of beginner paddlers mixed in with a couple of experienced paddlers we headed over to the eastern shore. All seemed fine until we got near the water ski plateform....these kind folks proceeded to swamp a canoe with two "newbees" in it and then helped in the rescue.....after we finished our in the water rescue manuevers we continued north. It was pretty quite as far as bird activity....no eagles, no geese....we think they all new there was a storm brewing! After a while we started seeing lighting to the west and turned our group around and headed back to the launch. Most of the boats made it back to the dock before the skies opened up on us and gave a good soaking. Afterwards a large group of us went over to MacGregors to celebrate a soggy adventure.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 16

Daytrippers at Casey Park, Ontario, NY (Wayne County)
Short and very sweet is how we'd describe our paddle in the Ore Beds (quarry) of Ontario. It takes an hour round-trip if you have a headwind. But the solitude, natural beauty (reminiscent of Adk's), and calm, deep, relatively weed-free water make it worth it. It was a very pleasant day of paddling and conversation for the 8 of us. After the paddle a hike around the quarry was offered. 3 of us hiked the loop trail around the quarry which took about an hour walking leisurely. The foliage surrounding the quarry will be brilliant this fall. Hope to see you on a Fall trip there.
Trip leaders: Jacobs/Power/Prill

August 12

Red Creek paddle
Six of us had a nice paddle from the GV Waterways Center, up the river to the canal and then up Red Creek. We were out about 45 minutes before we ran into the shallow area and headed back.

The trip back was nice until Peg decided to demonstrate what happens if you lean your body weight past the gunnels of a canoe while avoiding an overhanging tree. Luckily it was in one of the deeper and clearer parts of the creek so aside from soggy clothing and a slight delay while I emptied my canoe and got back in, there was no problem.

Attendees: Peg W, Derek, Katrina, Rich, Jenny
Trip leader - Peg Warrick

August 9

Daytrippers on Conesus Lake - Photos by Peg Jacobs

Photos by Peg Jacobs

15 of us set out into the north end of Conesus Lake - and of course the wind picked up!!! It was a welcomed wind with the heat and humidity!!! The put in at the fishing access on Pebble Beach Rd is quite nice and has ample parking. We paddled along the shoreline chatting and observing all the cottages and boathouses. It's an interesting little paddle. Some folks crossed the lake and paddled back the other side, a few of us "more leisurely paddlers" continued back along the shoreline we were already on. Lovely morning for a paddle!!!!

Participants: Neil, Laurel, Carole, John, Ellen, Curtis, Alston, Valerie, David, Gail, Marilyn, Cheryl, Peg, Joe, Nadean.
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs / Ellen Prill

August 8

Otisco Lake Paddle - Photos by Sally Atkins

Photos by Sally Atkins

Today we paddled the furthest east Fingerlake, Otisco lake. Although very close to the rich.....Skaneateles Lake the wealth was not apparent as many cottages were in need of a major makeover. The weather was nice, we saw some abundant wildlife and had a fun day on the water. Sally, John, Stina and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

August 2

Daytrippers on Canadice Lake
A bit of a work out today for what is supposed to be a leisurely paddle!!! Quite windy and wavy to start out but the lake did settle down a bit for the return paddle (of course a little wind behind our backs would have felt good at that point). Canadice Lake is always a lovely place to paddle!!! 16 of enjoyed the sunshine and the good company!!! These paddles are such a wonderful way to begin the week!!!! Next week we'll be at the north end of Conesus Lake - putting in at Pebble beach Rd.
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Ellen Prill

August 1

Keuka Lake -- Branchport
Sometimes you just have to NOT trust the weather report. Today's report was for rain in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon. This scared away most paddlers but four of us decided to make the trip to Branchport. The skies were overcast and it even smelled like rain but as we headed south along the western shoreline it just remained cloudy.After lunch we went to head east accross the lake to the bluff (The center of the "Y" of all three forks of the lake. Here we incountered about five seconds of rain sprinkles. After that the skies cleared and we had a wonderful clear afternoon that was actually pretty hot!

The four of us spead around the Branchport fork of the lake completing 14.6 miles at a average speed of 3.9 MPH with some moments of over 4.5MPH.....WOW.....I should have posted this as a PTFL paddle.

Participants: Jim Bird, David Schutt, Pete Latham and Charlie Helman
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 29

Black Creek-Genesee River
Tonight five of us headed up Black Creek from the Genesee River. the water level was fine and we were able to get quite far up the creek. We had abundant wildlife.....and a curious Heron kept circling around and checking to see if we were going to throw him a fish or something. Wonderful evening....

Participants: Linda, Barb, Mary, John and Charlie.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 26

Daytrippers on Irondequoit Bay
These Monday's are picture perfect!!! Beautiful summer day to paddle. 21 of us set off into the bay. Since it was such a large group we "naturally" divided into smaller groups as we paddled along. There was a bit of a breeze and some nice waves pushing us, both out and back (why does the wind always change on the return trip??). Mr. Bird and his party of 5 were blessed with a mink (I'm told "up close and personal", ) They also say they saw an eagle, we have to take their word on these!!! (I'm never in the faster group who see the exiting things) A sea plane was practicing landings and seemed pretty close at times but really just stirred up more waves for us. We set out with 21 but at some point met another of our paddlers who put in at another point and joined us - threw my count all off!!! Anyway - a great day for a great paddle with super people.

And Thanks Ellen for inviting us all over for treats after.....that's a nice treat in itself. Next week - Canadice Lake!

Participants: Chuck J, Marty T., Bob J, John H, Jim B, Marilyn K, Laurel B, Susan D, Annette L, Skip L, Doug S, Carole H, Jenny L, Ellen P, Megan M, Jack B, David W, Debbie M, Pat P, Judy G, Peg J.
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power/Ellen Prill

July 22

Irondequoit Creek from Baycreek
Tonight we did another paddle with our younger members group. Another large group and Baycreek was very accomodating in not only renting boats but working with some folks that were in the buying mood. The weather was a little overcast but it was still a great paddle. We were even treated to a visit by the resident beaver that lives near Baycreek.
Participants: Another large group....18 people.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 18

Canandaigua lake - North end
Today nine of us set out for a paddle from Kershaw Park south into Canandaigua Lake. As we started out we were greeted with strong winds from the northwest. These winds created whitecaps and some tricky paddling for our group. We paddled a few miles south before crossing the lake. After crossing we headed back up to the north towards Squaw Island. We stopped at the island for lunch. After lunch we got into a practice session to practice self and assisted rescues. Everyone that participated enjoyed the exercise and the 80+ degree water temperatures.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 19

Daytrippers at Hemlock Lake - Photos by Peg

Photos by Peg

A lovely paddle! 14 of us set out paddling along the shoreline (slight chance of rain). An eagle made a graceful appearance for us!!! The sun came out and it was perfect! A few new paddlers and a few new boats and of course, a few regulars. We took a break on the shoreline after an hour of paddling, drinks and goodies, then paddled back.

As the last car left the parking area at 12:20 it POURED!!!! Someone in our group lives right - we just seem to have the nice weather!!!

Participants: Judith, Neil, John, George, Pat, Marilee, Ruth, Peg, Carol, Cheryl, Laurel, Jenny, Sandra and "the unknown, unreadable" name!!!
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

July 15

Thursday evening on the canal by Spencerport

Photos by Dan Rammacher – Trip leader - Charlie Helman

This evening we had eight paddlers for a journey along the canal in Spencerport. Usually when we have done this paddle in the past it has always been paddling to the west to begin and then return with the sunset behind us......tonight we reversed the trip and paddled to the east first and then into the sunset on the way back. The weather was excellent and a good time was had by all.....even the mosquitoes! We did have a strange sighting.....Peg in a kayak!!!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

July 12

Daytrippers at Fairhaven State Park - Photos by Rebecca

Photos by Rebecca

The Daytripper Monday paddle group had a fabulous day on Sterling Creek and at Fairhaven State Park. The park is a gem. The calm, warm day with a mild breeze was the perfect start to the week. Several newcomers came to enjoy the paddle. After a leisurely two hour paddle we had a picnic. It was great to share stories and swap ideas. A wonderful day!
Trip leaders - Rebecca Ledwin

July 5

Black Creek - Churchville - Daytrippers Holiday Version - Photos by John Atkins


Photos by John Atkins

Today we gathered a very large group of people for a special Holiday weekend Version of the Daytrippers. We had spectacular weather and we paddled from Churchville Park to the entrance of the Bergen Swamp and back again. Great paddle!
Participants: 21 people......way too many to list here
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

June 24

Braddock Bay - Salmon Creek
For our second installment of our joint paddle with the younger members we worked with the people from Braddocks Bay Paddlesports. They provided rental boats and gear for those that needed and the Chris and I led the troops up Salmon Creek. Another great night of paddling!
Participants: 15 participants
Trip leaders - Charlie Helman and Chris Asbury

June 21

Daytrippers on Canadice Lake - Photos by Becky


Photos by Becky

For my first paddle of the summer, it was wonderful to enjoy the beautiful day, calm conditions, and connect with fellow paddling friends. 14 of us put in at the Bay Creek site. With experienced paddlers in the front, we ended up splitting into two groups. The group I paddled with was challenged at Ellison Park by shallow water, many downed trees, and rocks. After a short break, we headed back continuing to enjoy the wildlife and gorgeous day. Many swans, ducks, turtles, great blue heron and other birds were sited. Everyone had a good time.
Trip leader - Rebecca Ledwin

June 17

Baycreek Paddlesports - Irondequoit Creek
Tonight we organized a joint paddle between our paddlers and the Younger members. By working with Baycreek we were able to get them to stay open late, provide rental boats and gear for those that needed stuff then they joined up on a paddle up Irondequoit Creek. Great weather and a very....very....large group of paddlers of all levels from beginner to advanced.
Participants: 30 people!......WOW!!!
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

June 12, 2010

ADK Outdoor Expo


June 7

Daytrippers on Canadice Lake - Photos by Peg


Photos by Peg

Another gorgeous Monday!!! Canadice Lake was excellent!!! A calm paddle to the south end and then a wind and wavy paddle back. Lot's of fun!!! 12 boats, 13 people, food, and friends!!! What more could you want to start the week off with!
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

June 6

Fairport Canal Days- Rubber Duck Race
Today it was another adventure doing some community service by assisting with the rubber duck race. We were recruited to help set up the race course, monitor the ducks during the race and then gather them after the race. This year the race organizers developed a new goal post and switched from 2000 ducks to 5000 smaller ducks!

The day started out rainy....but as we launched from Ayrault Road it kept to a drizzle. It stayed cloudy throughout the afternoon but as I drove home the sun broke thru for a wonderful finish to the day. Lots of people turned out for the event and there was even sme big prize money .... $25000 ..... to the winning number selected.

Participants: Dan and Mary, Gretchen, Kevin, Jim and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

May 31

Daytrippers on Hemlock Lake


Photos by Peg
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

May 27

Turf & Surf - Moonlight (almost) on the Bay - Photos by Sally


Photos by Sally

May 25

Freestyle for the Real World - Photos by Sue


Photos by Sue
Trip leader - Marc Ornstein

May 25

Tuesday Night at The Beach - Photos by Sally


Photos by Sally
Trip leader - Mark Rakestraw

May 24

Daytrippers on the Canal by Macedon


Photos by Peg
We put in at Macedon Marina and paddled through the lock.....a great day for a paddle and a fun experience for all!!!
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

May 22

Genesee River from Geneseo to Avon


Photos by John Atkins
After last years cancellation because of heavy rain, this trip was rescheduled for this past Saturday. We had 17 paddlers in eveything from 12lb carbon fiber solo canoes to a 60lb wooden sea kayak. A fun day of paddling was had by all as we paddled the murky waters of the Genesee. Abundant wildlife on the shores and in the sky was evident thru-out the trip. After hauling our boats up the steep muddy bank at the Avon take-out spot some members went to Tom Wahls for Ice-Cream,a nice way to end a perfect trip.
Trip leader - Pete Latham

May 17

Daytripper on Red Creek


Photos by Peg
A beautiful Monday morning!!! What more could we ask for??? Sixteen of us paddled the little bit of the Genesee River to the Canal and then up Red Creek. Water levels were high enough to paddle quite a ways up enjoying lovely flowers, trees, turtles, birds etc. along the way and the bugs aren't quite at full force yet. At the turn around we rafted a bit and chowed on cookies and other goodies. All in all, a lovely group of paddlers on a lovely Monday morning !!! Next week we'll be at Macedon, paddling the canal and traveling through the locks.....canoes and kayaks welcome!!!
Participants: Charles, Peg, Skip, Annette, Sue, Doug, Jonathan, Linda, Megan, Nancy, Neil, Marilyn, Kim, Carl, Amanda, Michael.
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

May 15

Hemlock Lake


Photos by John Atkins
Today started out like any other paddle adventure as I headed down towards Hemlock Lake for our joint paddle with the Conservation group. As I headed south on Route 65 I get a phone call from our co-leader for the day informing me that he must cancel due to a family emergency. I thought to myself....ok not a big deal I have paddled around Hemlock dozens of times......then it hit me.....this was suppose to be a combination paddle and hike. Well the paddle part is easy.....it is a round lake...what is the worst I could do.... make people paddle around in a big circle....no way to get them lost. But the hike part had me worried....I had no clue as to where dave was planning on taking out or where he was hiking to....so I could not only get myself lost but everyone else as well. After discussing this with the group the overwhelming choice was that we would cancel the hike.....
We had 11 boats with 13 people....2 tandem canoes and 9 kayaks. Since it was quite windy we headed over to the west shoreline where we felt it might be a little more protected and headed south. along the way we encountered a couple of heron and.....a bald eagle.....for me it was the fifth trip of the year where I have seen at least one eagle.....kind of getting to be like seagulls....they are everywhere!!!! After paddling the majority of the way to the south end we found a spot to pull in and have lunch. After lunch we decided due to the wind that it was best to head back to the boat launch.....another good choice... since I was one of the people in one of the tandem canoes. We paddled accross the lake which had developed quite a few whitecaps/waves due to the wind and then headed north. In the canoe it seemed like for every forward stroke I took I had to take two directional correction strokes as well.....definitely a lot harder than paddling my usually kayak. It seemed like the trip back was three times longer than the trip south but we finally all made it back to the launch. After loading our boats a group of us made the trip to Avon and Tom Wahl's for our traditional end of paddle ice cream. Another fun trip!
Participants: Kirt, Lynne, Tom, Peg, Karen and Bill, Doug, Deni, John, Chris, Sue, Pete and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

May 11

Freestyle Canoe Class at Round Pond in Mendon Ponds Park


Photos by Luann Pero
Trip leader - Marc Ornstein

May 10

Daytripper on Honeoye Lake and Inlet
Another lovely Monday!!!! Well, a bit breezy! No, it was down right windy!!! But a lovely paddle!!! 5 of us enjoyed a tranquil paddle through the "inlet" watching all kinds of wildlife (geese, swans, eagle, ducks, beaver dams etc.) and chatting amongst ourselves about the issues of the day - you know, who brought the brownies and how the wind had died down, how it doesn't get any better than this etc. etc. etc. Then the tranquility ended when we came back out into the lake!!!! White caps and rolling waves!!! We bobbed up and down and worked hard at keeping in the right direction - this writer being the last to arrive back at home port!!! (under the careful eye of the other paddlers I will say). A few sore muscles to report and we all had a bit of water in our boats due to that wave action but WHAT FUN!!!! Again - a super way to start the week!!!! Next week we'll be at the Genesee Waterways Center and will paddle through Red Creek - looking forward to another fun Monday!!!
Participants: Peg, Jon and Carole, Pat, Carl
Trip leaders - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

May 3

West River/Naples
The morning started with a good heavy rain so our 8 paddlers drove through some nasty weather to get to the lake but, upon arrival, the lake was calm, the sun came out and it was perfect for a Monday paddle!!!! What luck we have!!! (and the weather report was very accurate!!!) We paddled down to the Naples Creek and enjoyed geese, ducks, heron, turtles and lots of good company!!!! A perfect way to start the week, we all agree. And we'll do it again next week!!!!
Participants: Peg, Carl, John and Carole, Neil, Marcia, Nancy, Pat.
Trip leader - Peg Jacobs/Pat Power

April 24

Alabama Swamp area of Oak Orchard Creek


Photos by Bill Lawton and Manon Paquet
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

April 17

Canadice Lake
Some paddles I get a huge group and some days I get what I got today ...... ME!

I know this does not count as a club trip because I need at least three participants but I will list my report anyway.

I was the only boat on the water and it was quite tranquil. As I paddled around the lake the uniqueness of Canadice was apparent. It was a windy day with gusts but along the shoreline none of the wind was noticable .... that lake was flat. This was due to the high western hills that protect the lake from such breezes. Because I was alone with now one to talk to I was able to sneak up on all sorts of wildlife .... ducks, geese, even fish had panic attacks when the finally figures out I was within a few feet of them. Throughout the day I overheard and saw the eagles flying overhead ..... which was great because last year I did not see them at all on three trips on this lake. Overall a very relaxing experience ..... to bad no one joined me.

Participants: Me .... myself ..... and I .....
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

April 11

Howland Island - Photos by Sally


Photos by Sally – Click any thumbnail to open a slideshow with additional images.

Eight paddlers ventured to the Howland Island Wildlife area just northeast of Montezuma Wildlife Santuary. The water level was not very high but we managed to paddle around the island without a great deal of difficulty ..... except for maybe me getting stuck in the mud when I tried to assist another boat!

We certainly had our share of wildlife .... osprey, eagle, ducks, geese, tree warbler (or something like that??!!), turtles ... jumping fish and what we were thinking must have been a fox. THe weather was great and we all had a fabulous time!!!!

Participants: Gordon, Phil, Karen, Sally, John, Stina, William and Charlie
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

April 4

Conesus Lake
Today three of us went out on our own easter egg hunt on Conesus Lake. What a beautiful day. The weather was in the 60's, sunny skies, slight wind .... absolutely fabulous!!! This was one of the few paddles I have done on Conesus Lake where we had absolutly no boat traffic ..... water was flat and very few people where at their cottages. Another thing special about today is the water was extrememly clear ..... no growth underwater so visability was pretty much 100% ..... I found myself looking down in the water for long periods of time as we paddled along ..... checking out what growth was there and also looking for fish. Passed over many different types of fish but the best were what I believed to be Walleye (confirmed by fisherman on the lake). they were around 18 - 24: long and most of them were heading to the south end to spawn ..... We saw a multitute of ducks and geese as well as a red tail. Overall a wonderful afternoon.
Participants: Pete Latham, Kirt Lapham & Charlie Helman
Trip leader - Charlie Helman

March 27

Black Creek to Bergen Swamp - Photos by Sally


Photos by Sally – Click any thumbnail to open a slideshow with additional images.

Pleasant weather conditions with temps in the low to high 40's, ice was still on the shallower portions of the creek and around the perimeter of the water. However, the weather was pleasant with sunshine and blue skies providing the backdrop for an 8 mile 6 hr paddle up Black Creek into the grey leafless forest of the Bergen Swamp. The trip this year was scheduled three weeks earlier than the trip last year. Everyone was prepared for the cold and had all the cold weather gear they could muster up and wear and still paddle.

We had nine paddlers in two canoes, one tandem kayak, and three solo kayaks. We saw a couple of great blue herons, ducks, geese, deer, and a weasel. Although Black Creek was clear of debris, the main channel of the swamp contained a couple of areas clogged with downed trees and debris. Serge and Charlie came prepared this year. Each brought an assortment of hand saws in various sizes to tackle the blockages.

Our trip photographer, Sally, was actively recording our trip with her camera as John maneuvered their very long tandem kayak through many very tight tricky spots in the Bergen swamp. With the boats and gear loaded, the last task on our paddling agenda was, of course, to locate the nearest ice cream parlor in Churchville and this we did with gusto.
Participants included: Charlie, Tricia, Serge, Stina, John and Sally, Pete, and Nancy.
Trip leader - Luann Pero Mongelli

March 20

Irondequoit Creek from Panorama to the Bay - Photos by Sally


Photos by Sally – Click any thumbnail to open a slideshow with additional images.

Today seven of us paddled from behind Panorama Plaza in Irondequoit Creek all the way up to the bay. Along the way we incountered a number of small rapids, many twists and turns, a club photographer (thanks Sally!) and a really BIG dog that had thoughts of hitching a ride on Stina's kayak. The weather was perfect for paddling and we all had a wonderful time.
Participants: Pete, Marshall, John, Luann, Stina, Ryan and Charlie.
Trip leader - Charlie Helman